Now this post is harder than i would imagine. As a general Yaoi fan Im more inclined to the male characters.
Even selecting a female charatcer i like is hard, let alone my favorite. Yestersays choice was easy. I would like Allen Walker as a character in any anime. I like his personality.
If you separate most female characters from their show, they are mostly whiney, weak, crazy or dumb. There are of course exceptions to that, and thats even if a female is a main character.

Serious or powerful female characters often have a bed reputation within the show.
A few female characters i do like are

Akatsuki from Log Horizon. Shes short, cute, loyal. In the second season there is a focus on her a bit more than in season 1. She is not just a ninja tool used by Shiro. But she does seem to set her self worth according to how Shiro sees her.

Ur, Grey and Leons teacher from Fairy Tail. She is badass and powerful. She knows her magic and has a heart of gold. We come to know her daughter more, but Id like to have known more about Ur more.

Alice Nakiri is also another possibility. She has a slightly crazy but skilled personality. She is cunning and confident and i like those attributes in her. She does seem to take defeat well.

Igsem from Nejimaki Seirei Senki is also another powerful female character i like. She may have recruited Ikta to cheat for her, but she has proven herself a swordswoman, leader and strategist. She has a realistic idea of who shes is working with, and how to handle and approach them tactically. And she isnt in love with her male counterpart.

Naru from Barakamon is the character who made me laugh the most. Her carefree attitude and contaious laugh brightened any scene she was in. Also the childlike misunderstandings were very relatable and nostalgic.

I think, my favorite female character, who is strong and smart and as a character has an interesting backstory is Alka from Blade and Soul.

She may be of few words but her story was being told with enough emotion that the lack of words didnt hinder the story. And that is why she is my favorite female character. She didnt need flashy diologue or a male counterpart or romance to keep her story interesting.

This decision being this hard to solidify kinda disturbs me. It should not be hard to pick a female character to admire on her own. Haruhi Suzumiya would jave been another choice, but after the 8 episodes from hell i wanted her powers to die.
Sure some people do like the female characters who reply on their male counterparts, i just wish we had more characters like Alka or Shirayuki.

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