Dad is so greedy! First a wish for money, now a wish for a girlfriend? Do the parents understand their child? Or is he just a tool for them to move furniture?

Well shortly after Saikis father wishes Saiki has a girlfriend, Teruhashi shows up looking all pretty and perfect like always. She quickly falls in line with the group, enthralling Saikis parents with his abundantly fruitful social life.

After the shrine visit they all funnel back to Saikis house where he hides like a housecat. The one thing that draws him out is his mother revealing his psychic abilities to all of his ‘friends’.

Ooh boy.

His father successfully diverts the conversation- oh what? He doesn’t? Oh. His father almost successfully diverted the conversation. Because NOW Nendou seems to retain more the 3.5 seconds of information and brings it up again. And of all people, Kaidou is the most skeptical.

So once again Saiki has to fix his parents screw-ups, and erases the memories of his ‘friends’. He can only erase 1 minute of time, and the memory is replaced by one Saiki cant control. So each person believes Saikis mom revealed a different insecurity of Saikis. Now they all think they can relate to Saiki on something.

Since the beginning Saiki seems to be getting more…rounder in the face. He looked rather cute this episode and smaller. Maybe its just me though.

Rating: A