Previously on: The Legend of Arslan!

Etoile, the Mulan of the crew has come around to Prince Arslan, despite their differing backgrounds.

Princess Irina of Maryam escaped after the royal family was massacred, only to be snubbed when finally finding Hilmes.

The sitting King of Lusitania, Innocentis, and his brother, Guiscard currently maintain control over the Pars Capital Ecbatana.

And Narsus was named the Cheif of the Zot Clan, after the previous chiefs son, Merlain abandoned the Clan.

When these characters come to a head, who will be murdered? Who will be burnt, and who will be freed? Find out now! In Episode 6 of: The Legend of Arslan!

Etoile, loyal soldier, female-in-disguise, and escort of the sick and injured arrive at Ecbatana for help, but help is not given. Parsian citizens had destroyed the main aqueduct, forcing the Lusitanian’s to use the Parsians as slaves. There’s no spare focus for actual Lusitanian civilians in need.


Nevertheless, Crown Prince Arslan left Etoile with a pouch of money for a case such as this.


Upon searching for medical supplies Etoile stumbles into a trap set by Guiscard, the brother and overthrower of the current king of Lusitania.


With the Loyal Soldier Etoile involved, the king sets her on a mission to inform his brother of the imprisonment. Both are under the assumption that the soldiers, and not Guiscard imprisoned him. Tis not the case, but it is cleverly hidden.


In another part of the castle, Guiscard is brought a very beautiful guest; Princess Irina of Maryam. Blind she may be, but her resolve is strong. Armed with a knife she strikes, but misses. Nevermore she requests to see the King of Lusitania, to have him pay for the crimes against Maryam.


Guiscard now has 2 irritating visitors, a soldier determined to free the king, and a Princess determined to kill the king.


Evil genius happens and Etoile is set to deliver the King to the Princess. She successfully stabs the king in the gut, drawing blood.


Despite the mediocre medical knowledge, and Guiscard’s will, the king survives. Etoile and Irina however, are set to die. Etoile by beheading, Irina by fire.


Just as all appears bleak, Who shall storm in but Hilmes, the Burnt, Siler Mask. He declares his collaboration with Lusitania  over, and sweeps Irina away.


Aided from the shadows by the possible Zot Chief Merlain, Hilmes makes his escape. Merlain sweeps up Etoile, and escapes as well.


In search of his sister, Alfreed, Merlain had been escorting Princess Irina, but free now he resumes his search. He just so happens to have picked up the perfect compass, Etoile. Betrayed by her country, she wishes to see Arslan. Is she defecting to Pars? Find out next time on the 7th episode of: The Legend of Arslan!


Rating: A


Okay so I went for a more movie trailer/narrator type style. It made the post quite brief, but it was fun. Reading it in a funny voice in my head was funny. I can only imagine the faces I made while typing. Anywhoo, let me know if this is a format you’d like to see more of, if it was too brief, or too vague!


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