Hello and welcome back! Today is day 5 of the 30 day challenge, and this one has me stumped. Not because I haven’t watched weird or stupid animes, but because.. I don’t know. I don’t have one that im ashamed to have enjoyed. I have a few that im ashamed to have watched in general.

Now everyone is probably putting down hentai or ecchi titles. Embarrassed to admit they seen all 3 Boku no Pico’s, Sensitive Pornograph and Koisuru Boukun, but not I. I have perused the internet and those titles have their niche market and have done well. The animes im ashamed to have watched, would be Kenzen Robo Diamidler.

 Kenzen Robo Daimidaler.jpg

Now I rarely drop a series. I figure ill just get through the crap ones and onto the better ones, ill brave the bad to further enjoy the good. But this show… I couldn’t do it. I got 2 episodes into the penguins with Front Tails and I dropped it. Then Funimation picked it up and dubbed it.

So for the sake of getting it out of the way, I played it on my laptop, Dubbed, while I played candy crush. Juuust to get it off of the list.

For a blatant boob fondling anime the backstory behind one character was far too deep, and it was just weird in general.

Also, Nananas Buried Treasure. I did not enjoy that and I pushed through it for the sake of getting it off of my Ongoing List. The plot was non existent, nothing was wrapped up, the entire show was non-cohesive. Ugh get it away from me!

Either way, I don’t think I answered the question, because I don’t have one im ashamed to have enjoyed. Would I go tell my mother I watched 3 whole episodes of Traps circle jerking? No, but a friend, yea.

Anywho! Check out my first post on Fudanshi Seikatsu HERE, and yesterdays challenge, my fave female character HERE!.

And as always, ill see you tomorrow!