The question of the day is a doozy. There are lots of animes I would like to watch! Majority of them are well known animes that i just havent gotten around too, mostly because of the size of them. In true jill style heres my list:

The Monogatari Series, I havent seen any of them because I dont know what order to start.

Gintama, its so massively long, starting it seem like an impossible task!

To LOVE Ru, ive read some of the manga, but again its long!

The World God Only Knows, i should be so down for this! A recluse and videogames?? Yes please!

Kuroko no Basket, recently been in love with sports animes.

The Mahou Shoujo Series, it… Its just so popular. Peer pressure… So heavy…

K-ON. Ive read the manga in its entirety. I should just round it out and finish it.

The more recent ones im interested in is Shinsekai Yori and Shouwa Genroku off of others recomendations based off of other animes ive enjoyed.
Although, the one anime that I SHOULD watch, because it ties in with other animes that i have and plan to watch, is

CLAMPs Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicles.

Ive seen xxxHolic and ive read that the manga between them is very intertwined because of the Time/Space travel element. Also im a big fan of Cardcaptors, so Sakura and Lee being in a mini romance is adorable.

Although im not sure when ill start it.. Maybe ill marathon it over winter break.
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Alrighty then, well feel free to check out my twitter, i post randomly, and ill see you tomorrow 🙂