So one part of this show that I am a fan of is how the mini-stories are all interconnected. While a majority of series containing mini-stories keep them separate and complete, Handa-kun as a series interlocks a lot of the stories. Also, the X=12 written in episode 1 on the chalkboard in calligraphy ink is still on the board. Its funny.

So back in episode 2, Handa gave a girl his eraser, in hopes to avoid a confrontation about him picking up her eraser. Well this character, Mio, is back. When it is ‘revealed’ that Handa has a girlfriend, then like fangirls do, the girls in the school over reacted. Mio threatened suicide. Not before performing a music number about how Handa belongs to the whole school and not just one girl. In that ensemble she blames Handa for her failing grades, due to her inability to soil the eraser he gave her.

That’s one aspect of fandoms that I don’t like. Deciding that just because you like someone means they cant like someone themselves? I mean personally I’ve felt that irrational sadness when an idol is ‘off the market’. When I found out Channing Tatum was married it broke my 15 year old heart.

Well Handa is -once again- oblivious to his debacle going on. He’s focussed on the hate message left on his desk. Mio, prior to the musical number, wrote DIE on Handas desk. She later says she wrote it on her desk as a suicide note, but its on Handas desk… so…

Handa already thinks people hate him., so he isn’t really affected by this. The school legitimately hates him now for having a girlfriend, but nothing has changed for Handa. Its not like anyone would have told him if things had changed. The girls calm down after finding out the beautiful girlfriend.. Is his mother.

Handa possibly has a new stalker- well he definitely has a new stalker, but whether he is going to join the Handa Fan Club has yet to be decided. His name is Harada Kei, very similar to Handa Sei, correct? Well he agrees, and decided to give his buck tooth self a makeover and become Handa. Everything aside from that mouth is pretty spot on.

He was the one who the girls last episode were looking for. He was selling his garbage poetry. One of those poems ended up being the ‘class slogan’ as dubbed by the girls. Handa of course took this as a mockery of his name. Instead of calling out the creator, he instead edited it and left comments.

Harada, after the HFC confronts him and chews him out cries at the site of the corrections. Another Handa-Fan is born. Or… reborn. He’s a Handa Busker. So needless to say he will not be quitting his craft. Instead he’s gotten braces to try and become more Handa-like.

Im teetering between being tired of the parade of characters and enticed by the possibility of an actual conclusion. Where’s Kawafuji again! He’s not obsessed with Handa, he doesn’t worship Handa, he’s rather cruel to him! Where’s that variety!

Now Handa is not a social butterfly, he has his own space, and  I hate it when teachers do this, but they make you socialize. They start judging you or grading you differently based if you are social or not. Like sometimes, fine, a kid may need help in that department, but do not make socializing a requirement. You don’t know if that student has anxiety, is uncomfortable, or is being bullied. In Handas case he thinks he’s being bullied.

Trying to ‘make friends’ when you are being bullied is the hardest thing to do. When most people are against you, you’re not going to trust anyone, and that’s how Handa  sees it. Every time he then tries to talk to someone, come up with a conversation topic, or even approach someone, he is under the assumption he is inconveniencing them or they are angry at him. Granted those he chooses to approach are eccentric and see commands when there is none. Tsutsui for example, sees Handa asking about the weather as an order to toss a chair out the window.

When he does have a normal conversation, and is genuinely happy about it and smiling, his mother passes it off as nothing. And its not nothing. It was a first step for him, and im not saying there should be fireworks, but.. Bring out the damn fireworks!!

Even in Yahari Ore no Seishun, the teacher forced Hikigaya to join the club because he wasn’t social, and it just made him more miserable and a lot of other people miserable. Some people aren’t cut out to be friends with everyone, and teachers and adult figures need to understand that. (stop ranting you stupid millennial, people have real problems) Granted the creator probably wasn’t planning on an in depth criticism over forced socialization, but there it is. Handa is on a pedestal by other students and he perceives that as bullying. Not cool. But A+ for effort on Handas part!

Rating: A-





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