One Week Down! Let me reward myself~ by answering this very easy question, Who is my Waifu?

Well actually its who is my anime crush, but clearly we’ve moved past crush, this character is my Waifu, with their seductive body, sultry words and beautiful smile.

Alright my Waifu is—–

Now anyone who’s read my posts, should be able to guess this. Despite being a supporting character they have appeared in a number of thumbnails all by their lonesome. Because I cant let someone else get near my Waifu.

Now, presenting! The one! The only! Gieve!!


Yes yes, Gieve is a male character, and I call him my Waifu. That’s how I roll and im sticking to it. Now.. Nishinoya is pretty cute as well, so he can be my side-waifu. But my main and most lovely Waifu is the purple haired, arrow champion, lute player galore, manwhore.

*sigh* yes my Waifu sleeps with every woman he gets the chance to, but we have an accepting relationship. Hence Nishinoya..

>.> This is getting weird.

ANYWHO! I did not need a list today, I knew very much so who my anime crush was. Gieve makes me smile when he’s badass, and he makes me blush when he’s ‘cheating’. I really enjoy him as a character and I want more of hiiiim!! *google searches Gieve Body Pillow* *frowns in disappointment* If anyone finds a sexy Gieve bodypillow, pretty PLEASE link it to me!!

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As always, thanks for reading, liking, and commenting! Ill be posting more Haikyuu Posts soon as well as episode 2-3 of BBNK! Keep an eye out for them!