Hiro! Hiro is the purple guy, the cute one. Its good to have a name to the face finally. Okay he’s not completely purple, he had purple strands in his hair, but he’s short and rebellious looking, and he looks like purple would be his favorite color. Well now Purple guy has been confirmed as Hiro! It just took  3 episodes.

Well Hiro has some emotional trauma it seems, of being abandoned. Wait what, backstory on a character? Wow! Hiro has a dream in which he’s running, either from something, or to someone. The overall theme is being left behind. In part he appears to be a child left in the rain.  So that sets the theme of the episode, because the conflict is surrounding Hiros feelings towards the team.


This leads into the lore of the world itself. Apparently only certain people can become Riders, and these characters are the only ones to be found in the past 4 years. There is a person compatible, but he seems to be off somewhere else. According to the tv reporters, the Nightfly invasions started 3 months ago. But then why would they be looking for compatible people 4 years ago? Were the invasions covered up for 4 years?


Well Hiro is a Rider partially because he was homeless to begin with. He had no place to turn to, and if he leaves, he has no where to go. Well that may become a reality, as after being hurt in a battle, (which we did not see, so I don’t know when it happened) he has become reclusive and reluctant to fight. He blames Asagi because she is commanding them from someplace nice and safe.


The commanders warn Asagi that Hiro will be replaced if this issue is not resolved. Hiro overhears them. So to build teamwork, Asagi decides to have them create a band. Apparently when they first began training they used the Band format to sync up, so they each have established instruments. Hiro is the drums.


Well Hiro doesn’t want to participate, and starts sulking like  child.


The Nightfly Substances are being monitored by the blonde girl from the first episode. She seems to be their handler. Asagi has a conversation with Hiros Nightfly, here he reveals Hiros home situation. There is a heart to heart between Hiro and Duesenburg where he asks Hiro if he wants to fight or not, telling him he’s being inconsistent.


When an attack comes through, the Riders head out, except for Hiro. Its not until Asagi physically moves her ship into the way of the enemy fire, that he gets over himself and heads out.


Now this is the frustrating part. His whole ‘your somewhere safe’ thing. Of course she is, she’s there to be the commander, to see the whole area, to make decisions. She cant be down on your bike shouting in your ear to go left or right! And refusing to fight also puts everyone else in danger. Fine, don’t play in the band. In or out? Having the (probably) Multi-trillion dollar space ship being damaged to appease you is immature and frankly stupid. Get over yourself. And after all of that, he gave in so easily. It was ‘oh she damaged something, that makes everything better!’ and hopped out. Geez. Could there be a weaker plot? He has such weak motivation.


The band name that Asagi came up for them, if they’re still even doing the band is Odd-is. With no context. What does that mean? The characters seemed to understand what it meant.. Am I just missing something?


This episode is truly battling for the worst episode of the series..


Rating: C


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