Anime couples eh.. Hmmm.

I like this couple a lot. They took like 50 episodes to get together, and when it did, it destroyed the world.. I think. Its been a while since I’ve seen the show. The two of them battles jealousy and blatant stupidity, as well as self esteem issues, and previous children.

My favorite couple is!!!

Renton and Eureka from Eureka Seven.


I mean I still don’t understand how Elreka is spelt Eureka, but moving on.

I haven’t seen ES Ao yet, but maybe this is a reminder to watch it. The first series was good, it was a bit confusing at some times, but I felt like it was wrapped up nicely. The manga was significantly shorter and delved into other plotlines, but its okay I guess.

Just on a side note, my fave yaoi couple is Shuichi and Yuki from Gravitation.


Anywho! What’s your favorite couple? What did you think of Eureka Seven? No spoilers on Ao please!!

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Thanks for reading, Ill see you tomorrow!