BRNK is doing a really good job of releasing just enough information to let you think you’ve figured stuff out. And just enough information to doubt all that information. Is Migiwa alive? Is she dead? What exactly are Buranki, where was Azuma before he fell? What about after? Questions upon Questions! But just as frequently we receive answers, so it’s a good balance to keep us sufficiently pulled in.


Is the plot cliché? Absolutely. Maybe not the specifics, or bipedal mechas falling from the sky, but the basic plot is so similar to a myriad of animes Im struggling to JUST pick a few. Kill la Kill and Akame ga Kiru are the two I picked.


The names are oddly Kill la Kill-esque as well, but that’s besides the point. Reoko, the antagonist, resembles Kiryuuin Satsuki, in both attitude and position in the show. If Azuma is Matoi Ryuuko, and the others are Moka, then it’s a perfect match. They’ll battling over clothing, or they’re battling over Burankis. Reoko overpowers Azuma and dismantles his Buranki. Satsuki overpowers Ryuuko and unravels her clothing. Reoko has a team of cronies she sends after the ‘resistance’, Satsuki had a student council she sent after Ryuuko.


And while it isn’t Reoko or Satsuki who kills the protagonists parent (Migiwa is not confirmed dead, but more on that later), they are not broken up over it and had a past history with them. I do doubt that Reoko and Azuma are related though.


So yes, the idea of the resistance fighting the government, the psychotic group overthrowing the government and ruling through fear, is as cliché and overused as the day is long. Even the character types included are cliché and overused. Of course the girl with long blue ponytails is psychotic, the girl with long sleeves and a beanie is a space cadet. And Azuma, for  16year old… looks and dresses like an 8 year old.


Now, cliché as it on the surface, maybe there’s more underneath. Reoko as an anti-hero maybe? We get a flashback to the day Azuma Fell, apparently 8 other Burankis fell from the Buranki Nest, or Treasure Island as Azuma calls it. The impact from them falling very well could have caused a mass murder. Reoko later spins it as an intentional act of Migiwas, but that could be because of Reokos past with her.


When people speak about Reokos efforts to take down the fallen Buranki, it is not as if she was doing it  to help. She was having fun destroying the mechas. She herself owns a Buranki, Entei. (like the Pokémon)


Owning a Buranki and being a Bubuki user is also explained. Only the Kazuki and Banryuu families can control full Burankis. We don’t know why. These two families are always at odds though. Reoko and Migiwa, and by extension Azuma, are those two families. How Reoko plans to continue her line though.. Not touched on.


Bubuki users are different. There is a wider net for Bubuki users. Bubukis are essentially the 4 limbs of a Buranki, in weapon form. When Azuma calls upon the Heart, which he did have, just didn’t know it, then the 4 Burankis shoot up to Oubo and he is whole again.


Bubuki users are limited to the houses of Taneomi, Asabuki, Ougi and Nono. It just so happens that our 4 new teammates(?) belong to those four houses.


The Bubuki weapons seem to be alive as well, indicated by their moving eye. As such many of the users respect their weapons, Kogane goes as far as bathing with hers. Hiiragi though, only sees his as a tool and uses it to attack Azuma in a man-battle for the Heart. Hiiragi believes he should be in control of it. The heart, when attacked throws up a barrier, hurting but not harming Hiiragis weapon. In a moment of pause, Azuma apologizes to the weapon for hurting it, resulting in the weapon refusing to attack Azuma after that, physically bending itself away from Azuma.


There is also a storehouse of old dead Bubuki. The eyeball in the center also seems to be their life source, meaning if the eyeball is damaged or beyond repair, the Bubuki dies and is unusable. There are many Bubuki in that ‘museum’ leading me to wonder the validity of the ‘4 houses only’ statement. Either that or the Bubuki have been around for a while. We catch a glimpse of Koganes Bubuki, and the eye is damaged, but not broken.


Now, Migiwa and Reoko, have done battle 24 years ago. Migiwa lived on earth, and utterly destroyed Reoko 24 years ago, tearing the limbs off of her Buranki. Now Entei looks like the Green Goblins hoverboard. Reoko disappeared after that until the Fall, where she destroyed the Buranki and then took over the city with her cronies, who also happen to be Bubuki users, okay that 4 houses thing had to be bullshit, and since then, has been in control.


Now I don’t believe Bubuki are loyal to one Buranki. Koganes Bubuki, Migi, has been passed down in her family for a long time, but is happy to join Oubo.

Screenshot 2016-09-20 22.18.18.png

Now, the most important question, is Migiwa alive?

Possibly. Migiwas job it to keep the Buranki from falling. So she’s like a babysitter. But one Buranki fell, and we get to see it fall. Its laying on the edge for a while, slowly sliding down. Because this Buranki falls, Reoko is convinced Migiwa is dead. Azuma is not so sure. He thinks there would be more falling if she was dead. But in the Fall 10 years ago, 8 of them fell. So is it possible that Earth has been lucky for the past 10 years? Or that in her last dying moments she disabled all of the Buranki, and this one just happened to die on the edge?

Screenshot 2016-09-20 22.27.13.png

Now what I like about CG characters, is they are consistent. They are consistently detailed, and there is little to no discrepancies in their appearance. No accidental coloring the hair the wrong color and such. What I don’t like about these episodes is that they start and stop mid battles. It might be used to create a cliffhanger, but it interrupts the story and in between the episodes, typically a week or more, then you lose some of the context.


The information given is good, the lore is being built, the history is being explained as to how Tokyo got to his state, and we have a possible live mother!


Rating: A


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