The best villain huh? Well a villain is not the same as an antagonist, so who is a great, cunning character who is out to harm people?

I’ve got it! The best villain I can think of, is one that we don’t actually meet until the last episode of the season, but the way he manipulated the protagonist before the series, resulting in how he spent the series, and lead to the ending scenario, was brilliantly thought out. He doesn’t have firepower, but the power he does have, is very cool.

For a while we are actually under the impression that the villain is the protagonist. With substantial evidence to prove that theory, it is the protagonists job to prove he did not commit those acts, despite there being video footage clearly of his face.

The best villain in my opinion, is the Colorless King.

 Day 9.png

Now if you haven’t watched K yet, you should. Its hard to talk about it without spoilers though.

Lets just say the Colorless King is not as neutral as his naming suggests. He’s manipulative and smart, and the end of the episode hits the power button, connecting all of those unanswered coincidences.

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