So I have been corrected, this is an OVA series, not the second short 2nd season of an anime. I thought Arslan was creating a trend.. ANYWHO! So this 4 episode OVA series is apparently an original story created by the mangaka. That does explain why King Arthur is not in the episodes, but it doesn’t explain the whole conflict being around Bans deal with the Goddesses. This storyline is continued in the manga, im pretty sure. It has to! Right?

My remembrance of the manga’s a bit hazy, but I do know that the ending of the first season differed from the finale of the anime, and while Melodias and friends travelled to King Arthurs kingdom, Ban ran away. There are previous NT OVAs I haven’t seen to completion, but they centralize on Ban.

If the Melodias/Goddess storyline isn’t continued, im going to be sad. It seemed like such a good storyline, although with it being Melodias and Ban, there wasn’t much of an ending to be had. So if the storyline is being dropped from the manga, then this episode wraps it up nicely.


The two engage in an all day battle, trapped in Merlins protective square to not cause external damage, and battle to exhaustion. With Bans eternal life and Melodias demon healing/strength, neither of them can lose. Having it end on a friendly note was a good wrap-up. They both laugh over the destroyed Goddess horn, with Ban claiming they were pompous.


The side stories in the episode were cute as well. With King and Howzer vying for Diane’s affections, seeing how weak king is without his sacred treasure. Apparently the 7 deadly sins have rules as well, including ‘all death matches must be enforced by the remaining members’


Now, the music again, is creepy as hell! Is it my earbuds? Am I tapping into some radio station playing the musical rendition of Tim Burtons version of Braveheart? It sounds like it!

The festival fight music is better for the situation, and it isn’t making my ears bleed with the volume at least.

Majority of the episode revolved around Melodias and Ban fighting, using various techniques. They both seem to go all out, but their moves aren’t anything new. We’ve seen them fight plenty, and while it is cool to watch, they don’t acquire newer cooler powers. Which is also a good thing. A power Pileup is not something the 7 deadly sins have ever done.


The king seems to be having visions of the future now. He saw stars and a lava circle, which I would have assumed was the Demons, but this being original, I have no idea.

Overall the episode ended nicely, and there were no major flaws. The Ban/Melodias issue has been resolved in a good way, and we got some King/Diane cuteness. If she would just remember the years they spent together!!!

*sigh* it will forever sadden me.

Rating: B+

Hey all! Check out episode 1 of this series HERE, as well as my absolute rant about the new D.Gray-Man series HERE! Im still watching it, I’ve just been putting it off. If you have a suggestion for a series you’d like me to take a look at, or want to say hi, tweet me!