Okay so what constitutes a fighter anime? Is it physical fighting? Mental fighting? Martial arts?


In googling fighter animes, a number of different genres came up, including Steins Gate, which I wouldn’t really call a fighter anime.. And Bakuman.


But never the less, the fighting animes, which I am including mental fighting, a battle of wits, outsmarting the enemy and such, that I like the most are:


Seikon no Qwaser: Despite the obvious ecchi and fan service, boobs or ‘soma’ being the source of Sachas powers, it has a pretty good backstory and powers. Its like if DGM was sexy…


Terra Formars: this badass anime is both action packed, and informative. It kills off characters after you learn to like them, and matches up actual insect knowledge to human proportions. Its crazy awesome and if you haven’t seen it.. Stop reading this and go watch it. There’s little to no romantic elements, it just all action badassery and world conspiracies. Granted the characters abilities are supped up a bit, from their first encounter to their most recent encounter, and the medicine supply being destroyed seems to have had no effect on them having copious amounts of medicine. But there’s enough action to make you forget all that.


Seraph of the End: now this show has a subtle hint of romance, all created by the viewer. It’s a tale of two boys, who were separated and now each of them is on opposite sides. Its essentially Romeo and Juliet, but vampires, and you want them to be together. That’s just the non-canon subplot though. The real plot is a heavy vampire vs human battle, with demons and human experimentation mixed in.


God Eater: Now this series rocks!! The animation is CGI, but the facial expressions are amazing, and the movements aren’t stiff. The story gets emotional, and there’s moral dilemmas and a lot of incompetence on the protagonists part. With the dystopian world taken over by monsters plotline its hard to have a definitive ending, so I hope there’s more.


Now, the best fighter anime I have seen, is an intellectual one. It deserves a second season, mostly because the  end of this season practically screamed for one, but the reverse reverse reverse psychology and forethought that went into each move was glorious. Outsmarting the enemy is such a rush!! Well, here it is:


No Game No Life!


These two are very successful NEETs, and together they are unbeatable. Separated they literally crumble, but together they are unbeatable, in RL and in-game!


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Thanks for reading, come back tomorrow, kay!