Continuing on from the Sakuya drama, Mahiru makes some pretty bold statements. While they may be cliché protagonist statements, they are almost about 90% impossible to follow up on. And he just promised he would never lie to Sakuya again..


Not much fighting in this episode, unless you count the internal emotional struggle. We are shown Sakuyas past, and why he became a Servamp. We don’t know how old he really is, considering vampires and their subclasses don’t age. Sakuya was murdered when there was life insurance though. Is it a common practice to put life insurance on your kids in Japan? Its not in Canada.


Needless to say, his past affected how Sakuya reacts to those he considers liars, and that Tsubaki has never once lied to him.


A lot of the episode is spent on Sakuya, which isn’t a bad thing. The break from the fighting as well as the character development is great. Sakuya in the last episode was shrouded in mystery, truth mixed in with lies. The memories Mahiru held were fake? Or real? We find out the memories of the past year are real, but not before then.


The display of his past and the desperation and indecision Sakuya shows is my favorite part of this episode. We have this character who has been so hurt in the past, finally finds someone, only to feel betrayed again. The struggle of wanting to stay because he happy, but run because he’s been through this before is emotional, and leaves the characters crying more than once.


The plotline of ‘you’re an enemy but still my friend’ is a new one, because often times once a character is revealed to be on the enemy’s side, it is black and white. One side or the other. Mahiru refusing to accept this and sticking to Sakuya is good to watch. I feel like Mahiru doesn’t have unrealistic expectations for Sakuya. He is not asking him to leave Tsubaki or to fight against Tsubaki with him. He’s telling him he will defeat Tsubaki and to wait for him.  Adding anything else, and more expectations of help from Sakuyas side would most like do more harm to their relationship.


Now, shortly after promising to never lie to him again, Mahiru declares that he and Kuro are the only ones who can defeat Tsubaki. Who is he kidding? Tsubakis the boss battle, and Mahirus struggling against level 1 grunts. It’s a very protagonist statement, but its untrue. He’s spent the past 4 episodes, and likely the next couple episodes searching for other Servamps to help him fight Tsubaki. He cant even control Kuros power to call out his weapon  in the moment of need.


In addition, the rocky relationship and Kuro are going through is not helping this whole ‘only we can’ mentality.


Now as a negative, I’ve gotta bring up the blur, and the brightness. Holy cow, especially at the end it was so bright. Like checking your phone at 3 am bright. And throughout the episode there was odd amounts of blur. On scenes of Misono on the hospital, the whole bottom half was blurry, and throughout the episode there were scenes with large amounts of blur. The over-light hid it  a bit, but it was still weird. In scenes where memories of Sakuya were flickering in and out, it was understandable for the blur, but other than that, there wasn’t much of a use in creating an atmosphere.  Maybe the edges in the memories of Sakuyas past, but those two scenarios are about it.


We are introduced to JJ, or DoubtDoubt the Servamp of Envy, and his Eve, Tooru Shirota. He has a doll that he has a strange relationship with, similar to a daughter. He’s a weird character. We only see him briefly, too briefly for Mahiru to beg him for help against Tsubaki.


Overall, I really liked the episode. The emotional reveals surrounding Sakuya and the whole ‘enemy and friend’ plotline is one I am going to enjoy, especially in seeing how it concludes. The blur though, and the over exposer/overuse of bright whites left a bad taste in my mouth.


Rating: A-


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Thanks for reading 🙂