So how the hell is this going to resolve in 1 more episode? Granted the time leap after this episode seems to be pretty large. There was an epilogue montage of them taking down the pirates. In this episode, however it seems to just cut it short.


After introducing a possible solution to the money problem, which seems to be convenient, they did away with that completely, and used it as a ‘bait’ trap to lure out Shagad.  It’s a cliché bait and switch tactic, and it works. Which is disappointing.


The second Shagad thinks they have left, he assembles all of the pirates in the city.


  1. How did you get all of them into the city within a day?
  2. Where are they hiding their boats?
  3. Who did you think was still guarding Arslan, if Narsus, Daryun and Graze were gone. Besides, you thought Daryun would leave Arslans side??

Well after all that fun, and the standard ‘we used to be friends, how could you do this’

‘we were naïve, welcome to the real world!’

‘you betrayed me, and despite being in the middle of a group of men under your control, none will interfere and ill win cause im a main character’ speech went on for too long, Shagad was captured.


Oh, and we thought the Zot would be called to action for the major fight? Pfft. No. They were used in this battle, like the Knights of the Veil. They came in riding on their horses and took down the pirates.


The one element that wasn’t cliché, rushed, or poorly done was Arslans punishment of Shagad. He ordered that Shagad would spend 1 year as a slave, which I think is very Arslan-like. It’s a good thing, its nice, and it fits the crime. And when Shagad threatened to come after Arslan in 1 years time, Daryun went a little Batman on him, threatening him and slamming him on the ground. (Go Daryun!)


The last scene brought Etoile towards the party. And no, she’s not defecting. She is there to ask Arslan to go to Ecbatana and  save the Lusitanian king. Whoo boy, if anything will get Arslan permanently exiled, its that. Like let that sink in. Go. Save. The. King. Who. Invaded. Your. Home. And. Killed. Thousands. Of. Your. People.


Im all for Arslan playing the pacifist route, but rescuing the Lusitanian king is too much. Unless there’s like a ‘get the hell out’ clause in that rescue it cant end well. Another possible way of taking this situation, would be as an excuse to get close to the king and kill him and kick them all out. That’s what Andragoras would do, and most likely Hilmes at this point. Geez, how could she be so bold?? Granted she’s a religious nut… but common sense!!


The next episode being the last one means its going to be a quick decision. It wont be thought out, or we wont get to see it being thought out. Arslans going to go, because he’s kind. Maybe he sends a letter to Andragoras to send troops in this moment of weakness and the final battle happens there? Maybe Hilmes joins up with Arslan and attacks the Lusitanian’s? There has to be some kind of resolution!


The CGI of this episode was terrible as well. At one point there was a couple characters glitching out on the boat, the whole thing felt rushed and unfinished, and not well thought out. Its all to obvious, and when you’ve built up this strategic, tactical genius like Narsus, with a flair for the dramatic, something so basic and predictable falls far short of that reputation.


The CGI in these past couple episodes have not been the best. In a universe where there’s no technology yet, having something move so slowly.. And even the movement in general of the boats was unrealistic. Smoothly guiding up to the dock and slowing down at the precise moments while all members on board stand perfectly still? No. just no! if you cant do boats, don’t do boats. Please.


The ending of the episode was good, but the past episode and a half weren’t up to par. And as for Graze being viceroy, no update on that. For now Arslans still the viceroy, but I hope they don’t make that appointment.


Narsus opposition to Alfarids ‘marriage’ seems to have transferred to Elam. Elam is now the one bashing Alfarid, to her face, claiming that letting her stay around was the ‘worst mistake Narsus has ever made’ while Narsus doesn’t oppose her when she cuddles up to him. So whether that is going to be a thing still, or if the marriage was just brought up to explain the Zot, is unknown. Her brother is now in the viceroy castle, but Alfarid as not in the room when her brother came in. Who knows where she is, maybe crying cause apparently everyone hates her.


Rating: B-


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