Mecha animes also have alot of different sub genres. Space, future, alternate worlds. Although that has more to do with the setting than actual genre. 

Mecha has to be one of my least favorite genres. Yes ive seen a few, ive never seen a gundam series but thats because its never peaked my interest. I find alot of them to be over militarized and mostly make use of brute strength and not cunning. 
Of course there are exceptions. Heavy Object uses alot of cunning, and Break Blade throws in the added element of a non-sorcerer.

So gun to my head, my favorite mecha anime is the Aquarion Series. Not only do i still enjoy the opening song, but the character continuence is a plus. Granted the last season isnt as connected to the franchise, it still maintaisn the core ideal. 

Between season 1 and season 2, the characters changed, the setting changed, alot changed but it still felt like the same show, which i like. Granted the orgasm scenes were a bit awkward when watching it on netflix -i swear mom, they just really like the interior decorating of the machine- but the show itself was pretty good.
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