An introduction to new characters, a plot element and a deep insight into character background are the centerfold of these episodes. While each battle may cover the span of one episode, they do make great use of the time given. I still have a few questions though..


First up to the plate is Kogane. Matobai has been chasing them for a while, engaging them in battle in Episode 1 and 3, before coming to a head in episode 4. This time he has insurance. He had Enteis heart, on loan from Reoko, so he is able to start a  Bubuki Battle. Its essentially a winner take all battle between limbs of Buranki/Bubuki holders.


And I have been proven wrong on an assumption from the previous posting. Limbs/Bubuki are loyal to a Buranki, and the 4 families are not the only Bubuki users, but are Oubos limbs Bubuki users. My assumption that because Migi was passed down in the family meant that it couldn’t have been a limb was a misguided assumption. Migiwa was residing on earth 24 years prior to our current story and Oubo most likely existed before Migiwa as well. Many of what we see in the flashbacks of the characters pasts is that their parents personally knew Migiwa, and are hoping to see her again in the Buranki Nest. They all have the same photo. The desire to visit the Nest, as well as the Bubuki were passed from parent to child, either by force or not.


Kogane has a personal grudge with Matobia. He is the man who killed her father. Her father and Matobia seemed to have been rivals, having both been right arm limbs. It seems Matobia always lost, and kept coming back for a rematch. He was unaware about Koganes existence, or that she was now the master of Migi. Why Koganes father would follow Matobai in the first place, and why Matobai would shoot him in cold blood is unknown. He should have known Matobai would shoot him, leaving his 6 year old daughter, not only alone, but around blood thirsty murderous men. Why he followed them is a mystery that probably doesn’t have an answer.  But Kogane is out for revenge.


Another mystery is her relationship to Azuma. She mentioned before that he had been out of Japan, and that they were childhood friends. Her father mentioned Azuma as well. No one has mentioned Kaoruko though, or how Kogane and Azuma came to be friends, or where Azuma was and for how long. Kogane and her father also appeared to be homeless or living in a rundown building, so a lot is still shrouded in mystery. We do see her motivation, which in a fight is all we need. Now we just need an emotional side conversation with Kogane and Azuma, maybe after someone asks about Migiwa and his family.


Now with 4 limbs, there is sure to be 4 battles. Whether that takes up 4 immediate episodes, bringing us to episode 7, is hopefully untrue. And if so, let there be a location change or a different format of battle. So far, Koganes battle was standard, and she won.


Now the Buranki Transport Rail is a thing, and its used to -you guessed it- transport Buranki safely. Reoko is using it right this moment to bring Entei to Kamakura to battle the Fallen Buranki. Our protagonists are going to use it as well, to travel to the Buranki Nest. How they got Oubo onto it without activating it, is one of lifes greatest mysteries. And after saying they need Oubo to reach the Buranki Nest, Horino suggests leaving Kogane behind to catch up later.


Um… How can you get to the Buranki Nest if you’re missing part of Oubo that you need so desperately?


The next battle is with Kinoa, and Souya, one of Reokos Four Gods. Souya was also one of these Four Gods. Presumably each one is a Limb. Although most likely in representation, because Enteis Limbs, and thus their Bubukis were destroyed 24 years ago. The new opponent is an ex boyfriend of Kinoa, and she’s pissed.


His Bubuki has the ability to make you remember things, or force memories to emerge, or force you into your memories. Under his spell Kinoa falls to her knees, engrossed in the memories pre-betrayal. It turns out, he knew who she was the entire time, while he was with Reoko.


Kinoa originally hated Bubuki, she resented them and wanted to live a normal life and being a Bubuki user would only impede that. Then Souya arrived, and shows her to love her Bubuki, all romantic and stuff. He puts her in a dangerous situation, all but forcing her to call her Bubuki, who are both sword and hover board. The two begin dating, and Kinoa comes more out of her shell.


Its revealed he was making sure she had the Bubuki, so that he could steal them later on in a Bubuki battle. He almost succeeds, but he should have never crossed his scorned ex girlfriend. She kicks his ass after being forced out of the memories by her Bubuki and dealing out some well deserved physical payback for emotional scars.


Souya takes his failure and subsequent Bubuki destroyal calmly.


These destroyed Bubuki, do they not have feelings as well? Azuma is very concerned with how Hiiragi is treating his Bubuki, claiming it has feelings, but no one is considering how the ‘enemy’ Bubuki are feeling? They are being used by a master just the same. Probably not, they’re the enemy. It will be interesting to see if Azuma picks up on that as well though, seeing as he’s the Heart.  And Hiiragi continues to show little to no disregard for his Bubuki. He probably has a resentment of it from his father. He mentioned before that his father was a drunk, so perhaps it will be elaborated more in Hiiragis battle. Although, with the moving eyeball, the Bubukis seem to clearly have a mind to be able to focus and follow a master.


Kinoas battle and memories are fascinating. I mean its creepy, this man is at least 24, if he was one of Enteis original limbs. Reoko doesn’t look over 24 either, and she hasn’t changed much in appearance from the flashback to the battle, but if Souya is at least 40, assuming he was 16 himself in the battle 24 years ago, then Kinoa is between the ages of 6-16, its creepy no matter what. And he eludes to have taken her virginity?! While Azuma has no idea what ‘first night together’ means. Geez. Both the Banryuu and Kazuki lines are going to end very soon arent they…


Passing over the pedophilia, the third enemy makes an appearance, or.. A reappearance. Horino, the woman who helped them over the years, is really Zetsubi, one of the Four Gods. Apparently she was pretending to be Horino. But in what way? Was she Hoshino the whole time, or did she kill Horino and take her place? Probably the former.


Now the Bubuki battle between Hiiragi and Zetsubi begins. But how’s Hiiragis mental state after being betrayed again? They all held a lot of trust in Horino.. Most characters of his type are taken down easily against an enemy that understands Bubuki.


No word of if Migiwa is alive or not, just that everyone seems the need to tell Azuma they want to meet his mother.


Overall I liked the battles. They weren’t just strictly battle scenes. We got to see motivation, and it wasn’t all the same. Koganes is her fathers murder, Kinoa is a spurned lover, Hiiragis is the conditions of causing his father to become a drunk, and we don’t know Shizurus motivation yet. Most likely it’ll be something to do with the grass she loves to eat so much… yes grass…


Either way, im looking forwards to it. there’s a nice balance of emotional to fighting going on, and the main goal is to still go home. With this Buranki in Kamakura town, im wondering how much its going to throw them off course or distract them. None of them have lost a battle so far, so activating Oubo should be okay as long as none are engaged in battle, but seeing as Zetsubis made it into the scene… Hiiragi wont be of much use..


Rating: A-

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