Now, I have heard that Clannad is a tearjerker- I’ve never seen it.

Angel Beats, another tearjerker- I have seen it, and I did tear up.

The ending of Tokyo Ghoul, carrying the body of his best friend.. I was bawling in the livingroom. My sister had to check on me..

Even the ending of Plastic Memories made me cry

But nothing messed me up, more than…

The entire 13th episode of Charlotte.


Oh sure, a delinquent is using his abilities to cheat on test and go on dates. He gets caught by the student council, yada yada, lighthearted show. WRONG!

Holy GEEZ! Its kind of similar to Steins Gate in the whole time travel/ saving one person kind of way. When Yuus sister died, and he discovered his REAL power, and what it meant he had to do, the episode was a time lapse of sadness and horror as we watched this confident character lose himself as one by one, he consumed abilities from millions of people.

There were scenes where he would wake up while slaughtering people, he would wake up after weeks of memory loss, he forgot why he was doing what he was doing and attempted suicide.

The end result was a complete memory loss, he didn’t know his sister, he didn’t know Tomori, he didn’t even know himself. The complete loss of himself, is the single saddest scene I’ve ever watched. The show did a complete 180 on all of us, we were not warned! Stupid creators and their ability to tear out our hearts and stomp on them.

But the series was great. There was a lot of action, but it didn’t feel like it was action. The emotional and introspective parts of the show had more of an impact than any battle scene. The abilities being snuffed out and the impact that holding all of the abilities had on Yuu was the focussed element.

Screw you creators, *sniff* but great job.

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