Dual battle, family reunion, and Entei gets Oubos limbs?


Okay so the relationship between Bubuki and Buranki is still confusing as hell. One second they aren’t loyal, the  next they are loyal, then they need to be a specific persons Bubuki, but a specific Bubuki of a specific person? And now they don’t need a master? What? Are you just as confused as I am?


Zetsubis Bubuki has a control of time, she can for an instant rewind time. Hiiragi is having an issue dealing with that because when he attacks he’s attacking an afterimage. One way he could battle this is to make a large enough attack that it covers too much area. She has 1 slowed down second, and can only affect her personal bubble. Release an energy wave or something that would hit her no matter where she went, and have it last for a second. Then go for a direct attack so she uses her Bubuki ability. Simple.. But no, he just falls on top of her and destroys the Bubuki… okies.


Shizuru is a battle genius, the type of character you both love and hate. You love her cause her fluid motions are so cool and unconventional to watch, and she’s meowing while attacking. You hate her, cause your jealous. Although, her opponent is her uncle, Akihito, and is able to cause her to break down in a panic rather easy. There’s a flashback of her mother thinking she’s strange because she is a hikkimori, and slides one drawing out the door at a time. Its always a black background with a red line, like a flatline in the hospital. On the back of these cards is words, which read ‘I cannot become a living thing that loves mother and father’. Im assuming from this is that she has depression. She compares herself to a stone, unable to eel and non-human. She is a genius, an her uncle calls her a Grey Jewel. His visits encourage more of a variety in her daily drawings, eventually creating a large scale colorful image.


Its through telling her that she has lost her shine by being around sub par people that Shizuru is brought down, in tears and frantic screaming. With her willpower down, her Bubuki shuts off. After Hiiragi is able to defeat Zetsubi, making the score 3-0, Akihito gives in, and encourages her again. Its nice that he’s not a standard enemy, taking advantage of the weakness. But it doesn’t explain where or how she received her Bubuki. In Hiiragi memories it shows him being fed up with his drunk father calling Migiwa a witch, and forcefully takes the Bubuki from a sealed box.


Something about Reoko is wrong as well. Not just the psychotic side, but she has a child-like scene, as well as a proud-leader moment. Could she have multiple personalities? Or is she just unstable? The childlike scene where she’s loving milk may be a dreamlike state, or caused by trauma. I don’t know yet. But Matobai thought it was strange, so I don’t think he’s seen that state before. Upon dropping and shattering the glass, Reoko was back and ready to gather Entei to battle the Buranki.


Oubo and the others take a crack at it first. The group is transported to a large scale command post inside Oubo, with chairs and such. Its quite lofty. The Buranki though, is much more powerful and within a few seconds has severed the left arm, damaging Azuma. He’s seen clutching the ‘severed arm’ which is overlaid with a red and black effect. His arm isn’t damaged, but it hurts for a while after.


After the battle he seems to be in a trance, like Reoko was. When he snaps out of it I half expected him to look around and ask who everyone was. But that did not happen.


What does happen is Reoko shows up, but Entei alone is not enough to battle this Bubuki while it is awakening. The head is the only weapon available to Entei, so by head-butting, Reoko ends up covered in her own blood, Head trauma… makes sense…


In a act of desperation, Zetsubi convinces the protagonists to temporarily sever their contracts with their Bubuki, and lend them to Entei. Well Enteis a fiery guy, and burns out the Bubuki. Whether that means they are dead forever or what is unknown to me. They didn’t seem particularly upset about the Bubuki, and left them on the ground. The Bubuki were colorless thought.


The group was more concerned with the map the fallen Buranki displayed, showing not only the hidden railway, but the portal to the Buranki nest. Azuma seems to be surprised that its an island in the sky… buddy, you fell from the sky! How do you not know.. Either way, that will be their new goal. How they are able to use Oubo with their Bubuki like this is unknown, but Im sure they’ll find some miraculous way to overcome it, making only 75% of sense.


While Kinoas battle was interesting and new, Hiiragis was dragged out and a bit boring. Zetsubi wasn’t taking too much interest in it as well, pushing Hiiragis buttons. The battle was sectioned off into two parts as well. Shizuos battle was in the middle. Shizuru seems like a much weaker character now, having been taken down and built back up by a few words. She has been a fairly quite character up to this point, and while the new information about her is quite fascinating, I don’t like her.  Whether she was in a trance and was brought out, or if she is still dealing with depression, she’s kind of inconsistent. We have a grasp of Hiiragis personality, we have a grasp of Kogane and Kinoas personality and what fuels them. We don’t know how  they all came together yet, but if Shizuru has been a hikkimori, and living in a lofty house, where does she meet the others? Where did she get her Bubuki? It would be a pretty good plot twist if she stole her Bubuki from their previous owner. But then that wouldn’t follow the world guidelines surrounding Buranki limbs.


The situation with the Bubuki and limbs is just confusing as hell. I understand the logic behind loaning the Bubuki to defeat the Buranki. Greater evil and all, but what if Reoko hadn’t returned them, and why didn’t they need the Four Gods to control them? They just.. Suctioned to Entei? If they don’t need Bubuki of the Four Gods, why doesn’t she select new Limbs? And Matobai shows up with new Bubuki Eyeballs, the Four Gods crush them and regain their Bubuki that the protagonists destroyed? What?


Is the show starting to melt? Battle scenes are good an exciting, and they don’t melt into one another, but the story is starting to melt a bit.


Rating: B-


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