The Servamp of Pride, Old Child has emerged, and he is as much a vampire as anything. Complete with top hat, walking cane, cape, monocle, and the animal form of a bat, Old Child is tiny in stature but has the largest community of Subclasses and therefore, the largest information network.


After an incident caused by Tsubakis subclass, Shamrock, Tetsu, the Eve and Mahiru meet, and compare notes.


After departing, Mahiru is grabbed and separated from Kuro. He is taken to C3, a self described neutral party, that… oh wait? They experimented on Tsubaki and want to kill or ‘break’ all vampires. Not so neutral..


While Mahiru is being held captive in a maze of doors, Kuro is being chased by vampire hunters. They sent him a letter earlier in the episode, but he ignored it, much like us ‘adults’ do with out mail. Its no longer fun to receive mail.


In the manga there seemed to be a much higher opinion of C3, and even concern when the website went offline. They seemed to at least pretend to be neutral for a while, offering information on vampires to humans and such, like an unused .gov website. In the anime they are evil right off the bat, sending vampire hunters and destroying Tsubakis mind. This is no doubt why he hates humans.


Mahirus approach to ‘not only one solution’ helps him escape the door maze by breakdancing a hole into the ceiling and flying away. He picks up Kuro, and much like in E.T. have a romantic flyby across the full moon.


Misono is still in the hospital, and he does not trust DoubtDoubt. We don’t know why yet, but he is very skeptical of the Servamp of Envy.


We are introduced to a new character. He is a Servamp, but he’s here too soon. There is a whole Misono arc in between the arrival of this new character and the current events. Im hoping it was just a Easter egg for episode 8 or 9. The Misono arc is pretty interesting, because of what happens to Lily.


The quick addition of another character bring their total to 4 Servamps, Lust, Sloth, Envy and Pride. 5 if you include Tsubaki as Melancholy. Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, those are the final 3.


I do hope we get to meet all of the characters, which.. Okay skipping an arc may be a necessary evil. The arc introduces some plot elements that they may not need if this is stopping at one season. At this point I will take a satisfying ending to excruciatingly detailed but incomplete story. Plus the Servamp of Wrath is an interestingly evil character.


While the episode felt like it didn’t include much, it introduced 2 new characters and some of Tsubakis past. We don’t know where he was beforehand, or how  long he was at C3, but we know some of his past, and maybe that means his Eve is a member of C3, if he hadn’t killed his Eve already.


Rating: A-


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