Anime fans often have a character that they identify with, or multiple characters. I mean why would we watch something if we didn’t feel a connection of some sort. And often the shows you are most drawn to are relatable either to your experiences or your feelings.


Granted a lot of times I’ve been watching an anime and thought ‘it would be really cool to go on an adventure like Such-and Such’. The follow up thought is always ‘ but then id miss next weeks episode’


Ugh, social interaction!


Anyways, my personality traits are more on the introverted/pessimistic side. Thinking about world issues, and how either way someone is always going to be unhappy no matter what just makes things more depressing. Screw the 24/hour news cycle, gimme more kitten updates plz.


If I had to pick a character, who has the same attitude towards adventure, group interactions, preppy people, and the real world, I would have to go with Hikigaya from Yahari Ore no Seishun. I identify with him because in school settings I sit alone, and when I do input into the conversation, I get weird looks because its either too different from their trajectory, or they don’t really care.


And I understand his actions. The main issue they have with him, interrupting the love confession to save everyone heartache, I understand why he would do that. It was either everyone hates everyone, or no one hates no one. That made sense. Seeing everyone turn on him was uncomfortable, because I identified with that scenario and Hikigayas reactions.


Sure, maybe he gave up trying. He saw the futility in trying to get everyone to like him, and just kind of ran away.. And I identify with that as well. I’ve recently lost the person I thought was my best friend, the effort it took to maintain that ‘friendship’ despite being left behind every single time, I just.. Gave it up.


Well this took  a dark and depressing turn if anything. Sorry guys. :/ To bring up your spirits again, check out Saiki HERE. He’s a pessimistic character that’s much lighter through.


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As always, thanks for reading. Ill see you, hopefully on a lighter tone, tomorrow!