Okay so they for sure skipped over that Lily/Misono arc. Its not too big to the story, it just explains the Servamps a bit better.

If you wanna know what it told us, keep reading. If not, scroll to the photo.

What it told us was Lily’s past with Misonos family, how everyone was hiding a scandal about Misonos older brother and their differing biological mothers. Lily, who belonged to Misonos mother before Misono, was still keeping the whole affair a secret from Misono. When the Eve found out, he lost trust in Lily, and Lily’s Item was broken, causing lily to be a masterless Servamp and rage out of control.

What an Item is, is something the Eve gives the Servamp, along with a name. In Misonos case, he gave Lily a pocket watch. Mahiru have Kuro a bell. The items strength is determined by the bond between Servamp and Eve, which after losing his trust in Lily, was pretty low for that pairing.

I don’t know if this will be a factor in upcoming episodes, especially after this episode. Mahiru and Kuro are in a situation, that I don’t know how it ends. Im not all caught up on the manga…


Okay! Whose who didn’t want to know the missed arc can come back safely.

So the Servamp of Greed is introduced. Last post I called him Wrath, and I was mistaken. His attitude is much more suited for Wrath. Who named these Servamps is beyond me.

But Lolli, or Lawless, is the Servamp of Greed, and his Eve is Licht, European pianist. The two have a strange relationship, because as individuals, they’re both batshit crazy. Licht is convinced he’s an angel, with a winged backpack and fanciful dance moves. He dislikes people being loud during his performances, he’s condescending and looks down on ‘demons’ or vampires. He does as far as attacking his own Servamp, physically and emotionally. His weapon is a Piano, which depending on the tune can evoke memories used to incapacitate someone, and also boots? Not too sure on the specific, but his glowing boots melt into a piano when he calls for it. not too sure.

Also, Eves are supposed to be stronger than regular humans, but we see Kuro go out of his way to intercept Mahirus impact with the wall. Is that a hint that Mahiru either isn’t meant to b an Eve, or isn’t afforded all Eve abilities because Kuro hasn’t been forthcoming? Who knows. Not I!

Lawless, or Lolli, is a hedgehog in animal form. He has blonde hair with black tips and glasses. He is very, very ruthless, taking out an entire auditorium of Tsubakis subclasses. He attacks his own Eve, and thanks to Old Child, we know he is prone to killing his Eves when he is bored with them. Hence his creepy statement of ‘don’t bother remembering my name, it’ll change soon enough’. Cause when he kills his Eve, he gets a new one from a new Eve.. He is also by far the most animated of the Servamps. He spends his fight scenes offering up stage play dialogue. It lends to the whole psychotic attitude. Id liken him to the Joker. He seems to enjoy being the complete opposite of his Eve, and annoying Kuro.

And this is where it gets dark. Lawless starts telling a story, one he is surprised Kuro hasn’t told Mahiru, but says it also explains why Mahiru is still friends with Servamps. The story is essentially C3 ordered the Servamps to kill someone. 3 voted no, 3 voted yes, so it was Kuros vote. Now we know Kuro voted yes, but Kuro does Not want this story told. His expressions change from furious, to terrified in an instant, until his whole body turns black. His killer aura licks up the entire auditorium, and the two begin battling. They are interrupted by Lichts manager, but Kuro is already all black.

We’ve seen Kuro get out of hand, in the fight against Sakuya, but it was different this time. There are also constant mentions that Kuro could handle Tsubaki all by himself, but that, coupled with Kuros lack of Subclasses because he ‘doesn’t know if someone wants to live or die’ lends itself to a theory that has to do with the decision. We don’t know what it is yet! It may be Tsubaki the order said to kill, but incapacitating them and taking them to C3 could have been thought to be a compromise answer.


Tsubaki, upon hearing of the slaughter of so many subclasses, starts crying, and goes after Lawless. One subclass survives, and Mahiru takes him in. He stops Lawless from killing the subclass, probably because of Sakuya. Oh man could you imagine if Sakuya was in that auditorium? Would Mahiru be as open to working with Lawless if he killed Sakuya?

Also, Licht carrying a hedgehog in a cage in public isn’t something weird Mahiru, its actually responsible pet owner behaviour. Regular hedgehogs aren’t going to sit on your shoulder like Kuro does.

The episode included some more playful elements, like the mini-skit Lawless used to explain the voting story, as well as popup words when Lawless was criticizing Mahiru as an Eve.


The whole series gives off a dark carnival vibe, from the bright colors to the dark stories. The cute characters and the blatant bloody murder. Its fun to watch, and Im worried about Kuro now!!!

Rating: B+


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Thanks for reading, and ill see you tomorrow