So how exactly is the Kingdom planning in taking over the world? Rewriting over it with Tattoos of course! Seems more peaceful than blowing everything up.


In scenarios like this, its always hard to choose who you should root for. There’s a number of animes that propose to rewrite the world so everyone is happier, and there is no more fighting. The protagonist always shoots them down and destroys their efforts because ‘they’re wrong’ and because their the protagonist so they’re always right. And while, sure, it may take way some degree of free will, but its not like you would remember the previous world. A lot of times im on the side of letting the world be rewritten. The ‘enemy’ makes a much stronger argument, and it would at least help for a little while. If humans wanted to go back to the previous world, then they would just have to get enough people together to undo what was done.


And even if the ‘enemy’ was using that created world (which is akin to VR today, which a lot of people want..) to siphon energy from peoples bodies, it would be equivalent exchange. You get peace, happiness, for a little energy? Versus what. Working 40+ hours a week. How much energy does that take? Gimme the fake world plz.


Well the Princess is 3/4 to her goal. She needs to get to all 4 of the ruins. 1 is in America, 2 are in the Kingdom, and 1 is in Japan. She has already made contact with 3, she just needs to go to the Grand Canyon, strip, and walk into the shining stone that is the Ruins.


Toms Tattoo is a copy, and as a copy can only act as a canceller. There is a Kingdom Research facility within Japan, that uses Japanese citizens as guinea pigs. Why how and Where it exists…is not important. What is important is that BB, a usa-kingdom-usa detector has taken Seigi to it in order to destroy it.


The enemies they are faced with in the facility are supposed to have copy tattoos with original powers. But they fought with guns and scythes.. They claim they copied the ‘source’ of the tattoo, or the spirit or soul of it. Is this the same Source that wants to meet Seigi? Or is it closer to the ‘sealed beast’ of the tattoo. Im seeing a lot of similarities between Naruto and TT here haha.


The most shocking bit of information, is that BB has a triggerless tattoo as well. I  thought these tattoos were one of a kind. They sure made it seem like that the past episodes. The Triggerless Tattoo evoked such a reaction of fear and awe that I assumed it was almost legend like. Nope, Izzy was surprised because BB, her former partner(possibly) in the army had the same tattoo.


The Scientists at the facility planted bombs in the fighters, so that if they fell unconscious, they would explode .BB had such control of the Void Maker that he was able to do away with the bombs without hurting the people. The scientist kept calling Seigi the ‘Third’ as well. Could that have to do with his tattoo number? Or correlation to the ruins? No idea.


What we do have an idea of is Seigis future. Based on BB, and how his body is handling the void Maker. In one scene his hand falls off, all zombie like. Through using the restorative powers of the Void Maker, he reattaches it, all honkey dory right? Well he’s literally falling apart, so no. The Scientist makes a point of saying BB cant go all out without being consumed, so he’s probably not going to last long. In all likely, based off of his relationship with Izzy he will die saving or protecting her.


Well until then he is training Seigi on how to control the Void Maker, so its not some giant gaping hole. He’s not going down without a fight though. He is working with a new scientist to alter the DNA of his tattoo, adding other code information in order to… do something. Probably sae his life or erase the tattoo.


So what’s going to succeed, the ‘enemy’ whose 75% there, or the ‘good guys’ who haven’t really started. They need to include some real terrible stuff about the princess, cause im kind of on her side a little. The show is good about keeping neutral representation of both sides. Yes, the Princess brutally murdered her parents, but Tom brutally killed us with his gag comedy. So its about even now..


The music was pretty inconsistent, meaning it changed every couple seconds, depending on who was speaking. Especially in the ‘girl moments’ where both Touka and Izzy were speaking to their male counterparts and getting emotional. They just had to make Izzy cry didn’t they … keep her in her place, despite being a strong female main character.


The fight scene with BB was a bit too matrix like. Other fights have been close range, close quarters battles using the walls and ceiling to make the area seem bigger. This fight jut messed with the infrastructure of the building, widening and elongating the hallway as they pleased. It didn’t look good. BB himself is pretty cool, dark and brooding, cliché and everything, but Taboo Tattoo is really good at fight scenes, so I don’t now what happened here.


Rating: B


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