Okay so an anime that never gets old, well, im gunna probably be an unpopular opinion puffin with this, but I think the older animes are more re-watchable than more recent animes. Partly because there are more episodes, but also because we most likely didn’t watch it in order as it was airing. So we know bits and parts of the show, but not the whole picture.

That was my reasoning at least for going back and rewatching all the old animes from my childhood. Cardcaptors, YuGiOh and Inuyasha.

A few animes that I’ve rewatched, are Gravitation, D.Gray-Man and Haikyuu. But if I had to choose another series to watch forever, it would have to be Inuyasha.

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I know its gotten a lot of flack for dragging on and having so much nonsense episodes, but I like those episodes too. It may have no influence on the end story, but it was still enjoyable. It was more of the show I love, and I cant be mad at that. Its like going out hollow chocolate eggs on Easter. Yes, they aren’t what you want or expected, but you’re not going to turn down more chocolate.

I was so invested in Miroku and Songos relationship, I was click baited so often on Neopets to watch ‘exclusive footage of their wedding’. I never saw that footage.

So yes, I enjoyed every moment of every 193 episodes if Inuyasha, I could watch it over and over. My first cosplay was of Kikyo last year. It makes me feel happy. So ill watch it over and over.

Unpopular Opinion Puffin AWAY!

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