So the workings of the Buranki are even MORE complicated. It just keeps snowballing! Or Zetsubi purposely fed us wrong information… UGH!


So here’s what happened. Reoko stole the heart and limbs from the Buranki they took down with Oubos limbs. So limbs can be transferred between Buranki? Possibly. Entei was able to use Oubos, but the ‘commoner’ limbs were not good enough and broke.


Now using Oubos limbs, without Bubuki users to control each limb, weird? Yes! And another character, Monsieur Guy, pointed that out as well. He claimed that Reoko must have had a second heart to be able to do that. But she did not have the Headless Burankis heart at that point. Monsieur Guy should know this, because he is working with Reoko.


Who does he tell this to? A Group of American Bubuki users Yes, American. The Buranki Team is rallied around the Buranki Megalara and her Heart user, Epizo. Megalaras heart has stopped beating, so they are going to try and get another one. So hearts can transfer Burankis? I doubt it.


Epizo isn’t an American name, and Epizo, despite displaying very stereotypical American behaviours, knows a decent amount of Japanese. Mixed of course with English words and said so in an American accent.


Russian Bubuki users also enter the scene, stealing the Headless Buranki heart, or thinking they were. They encounter Tsuwabaki, Shizurus sensei. He is also the sensei of Lyudmila and Gianna, also on the Russian team. The leader of the Russian team is known as Onii-sama, and is admired by the twin girls and feared by the Russian boys. He seems pretty blunt and cold, which is a stereotype of Russian personalities. They are a team that rallies around the Buranki Zanpaza.


Epizo was after Azumas heart because their Burankis heart had stopped beating. Why the Russians are after a heart is unknown. We never see their Burankis heart, not is there mention of one.


Mid battle, Azumas heart refuses to emerge. His Rinzo refuses to activate, and his Heart stops beating. This leaves Hiiragi to defend Azuma alone, and collapses afterwards. Epizo, realizing what happened decides to battle himself. With both hearts ‘dead’ they engage in a battle of fists, which turns into more of a training/encouragement session before the teams part ways.


Despite a lack of Heart, the five press on and reach the Treasure Island train stop. Though the power of friendship~ they are able to restart the Heart.


At the same time Reokos heart is restarting as well. She is hooked up to a machine that is flat lining, before blipping back to life. She begins sobbing, but Souya, the baldie, seems to have seen this before and hold her, reassuring her. Why this phenomena happens is unknown.


So what I like about this episode is the differing cultures. You can clearly tell the difference between Epizo and Japanese characters. Epizo is so full of confidence, he’s literally busting his pants. Yes, he’s overweight. And he’s loud and laughing, and impulsive and he has a very loud personality. And all of their weapons are flashy, fireworky and adorned in red white and blue.


As a Canadian, with little representation in Anime, seeing how the Anime industry portrays other cultures is always funny, because they take it from the media. If Epizo is in Season 2, please let him have Trump Hair. That would be hilarious.


Epizo, despite the weird looks he has been getting form the mild mannered Japanese characters, is friendly before anything. I can see hi and Azuma being friends, because despite being ‘enemy’s’ they understood one another and parted ways peacefully. But because Monsieur Guy is their Advisor(?) no doubt there will be another conflict. Or maybe they butt heads with the Russians. Either way, The five of them are reaching he home stretch just before Zetsubi shows up on Entei, with a heart in her hand.


SO WHO CAN CONTROL THE HEARTS??! Between Hiiragi wanting to steal the hearts, and other having hearts, are hearts not the exclusive club we were led to believe??


Speaking of Hiiragi, he’s given up on stealing the heart from Azuma. He revealed that he didn’t want to be bound by a heart like his father had been, but he’s alright being Azumas leg. While this character growth is good, it does feel a bit too soon. 9 episodes in is too soon huh? I mean that after like 2 battles, one in which they lost miserably, Hiiragi who was Azumas biggest opposer is suddenly on his side? Where’s that threat of mutiny, that push from behind? I think if Hiiragi was accepting, but willing to step in should Azuma start sucking, then it would keep the friendly rivalry and male competition factor up.


Im starting to see why there was a second season. So may characters are being introduced in these final episodes, so this season wont have a satisfying ending. Okay. I am going to come to terms with that now.


I do think the end reveal has to do with his mother. Most likely his mother is dead. Im gunna put that out there right now. I think Migiwa is dead. She was close to death 10 years ago. I do think thought that because a certain SOMEONE has been missing this entire season, that she will be the new ‘witch’  Mother like daughter and all that.


Like seriously, why hasn’t there even been a mention of her? Or their father? Did Azuma run away from them? They all fell together, didn’t they?? Either way, she has to make an appearance sometime. Although the red color of her power does lend an ear to the ‘Kaoruko is evil’ plot thread. Buranki glow red as well.. UGH why cant Kaoruko just show up and explain it herself. Fingers crossed she’s in at least ONE episode before the seasons over, or is she gunna pull a Luke Skywalker at the end??


Good character introductions. Very individual personalities. Most of Team America was low key, but we only really care about Epizo for now. The Russians seem to be split between Reoko and the Five, aiming to get a heart, any heart. The Twins rivalry with Shizuru over Sensei’s affection is kind of tiresome. They keep persisting despite getting defeated every single time and with relative ease. That kind of blatant following annoys me. And of course its two pretty girls who are psychotic and boy crazy. *sigh*


Points for the added drama of the un-beating heart, but points off for the loss of a rival in Hiiragi. He’s a cute Tsundere.


3 more episodes to go, 4 more days until season 2 premiere!!


Rating: B


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See you later!!