Saiki… is becoming more personable.. Possibly? Although this show isn’t known for its character growth, so it may be a fluke.

The show has absolutely no connection to the previous episodes, where Saiki was revealed to be a psychic. I would have thunk that would have stuck.. Apparently not okay.

Saikis new ability, is to transform himself into anything. How did we not see this coming? The next ability will be that he has contacts that stop him from shooting laser beams from his eyes.

He starts off by helping his teacher. The teacher isn’t liked by students because he’s hard on them and takes their stuff but he’s genuine. A few students take advantage of this and prank him with a love letter. Saiki transforms into the girl and gets rejected. Now there’s a mysterious hottie on campus..

The next one has to do with valentines day. Long story short, Teruhashi is giving Saiki chocolates, but upon further thinking, decides not to, because if he was to receive chocolates when no one else did, surely WW3 would break out. Instead she tosses them out the window, into Saikis hand.

Back to the roots, the episodes were good. They were fairly complete and introduced a new element. At this point there’s almost too many elements, but they were original and not repeats of other episodes.

Rating: A