Oh easy. I’ve named my cat after this character. He’s a sass-master 4000, and a beast in the sheets.

Incompetent he may be, but he’s got the brains, and eventually the brawn to back it up!

Bring out…. KEROBEROS!



No, not that Kero… the real one….


Keroberos, or Kero, is Sakuras sidekick from Cardcaptors. (geez, we get you watch a lot of old anime) He’s funny and smart and made insightful hints to the 8 year old girl he was coaching. I only wish I had a Kero doll. (if anyone finds one on eBay… hmu) Even having to pretend to be a toy for so long, it was just an overall great character!

Sorry the post is late guys! Darn my Wednesdays classes, always running till 7. I should probably get the posts scheduled before 7, but pfft, me being organized? Perish the thought.

Tomorrows question is a doozy, so it’ll probably be a list!

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