So Daigos manga has been completely dropped from the show it seems. It would have been funny to see more of a reaction from Nakamura, considering the entre time we are seeing the cover in the OP. So it was kind of ruined.


A common theme in the show has been Ryo and Nishiharas relationship, or lack there of. They agree on a large amount of things, except cross dressing. Ryo doesn’t understand crossdressing, despite having declared his love for Shiratori, when he was crossdressing..

Myself, as a fan of Yaoi myself, understand crossdressing. Yes, make that guy look more feminine looking please, because girls are cute. A cuter boy is what fits into the female-yaoi fans wheelhouse. Again, the Yaoi genres received a lot of flack for catering to girls, instead of gay men, or misrepresenting gay culture. And I do understand that. It’s a terrible genre if your looking for representation. Rape is rampant, and is portrayed as an emotional aspect. ‘I just couldn’t help myself, I love you so much’ so ill put you in so much pain. Put enough flowers around the characters and it’s a great scene. Im aware of how terrible the content is for humanity… but I still enjoy the genre and the romantic scenes. Sure, some are cliché and boring, but others take upwards of 20 chapters to declare their love. Explaining why I enjoy the genre is so hard! Im not a yuri fan, not sure why. Im just not drawn to that genre, like at all. A girl at my school yelled at me on a public bus about not liking yuri but liking yaoi.. Like calm down..

I digress, the scenarios in the episodes were better than past episodes. The whole love confession to Shiratori, nearly kissing him was done well. Shiratori took pleasure in deceiving Ryo, it was Ueda who blew his cover in a roundabout way. The Xray eyeball though the hair trick always bugs me though. Especially on straight ahead shots like its done here. Tilt it to the side a little..

The jump to Halloween and jack-o-lanterns afforded more cross dressing opportunities! Ryo makes a terrible looking girl. Nakamura makes an okay girl, after Shiratori gets his hands on him. Ueda and even Nishihara go through a transformation and look pretty decent. The jack-o-lanterns though.. Ryo narrates what he’s doing while cleaning the guts out, and phrases like ‘it feels so good when its clean inside’ and ‘wow, so much stuff came out’ made me spit my coffee. *wipes screen* Even Nishihara had that ‘im trash’ glow about her, because of the blatantly yaoi statements. It was the perfect moment, and my favorite of the show.

I criticized the show last time for getting boring and I stand by that. The past few episodes were just depressing at how they poked fun at it. I wouldn’t have been surprise if a laugh track was added. These two episodes are better because they use scenario based humor, not poking fun at a community.

Rating: A

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