More characters, and a shady butler café??

Well Bercy is now a ninja, running through vents in the school as a messenger, and no matter who it is, Scarlet is Scum. Both Ceaser and now the Prez is calling him Scum. Granted she,(yes she, a female!) Pashet, thinks everyone’s scum, especially Kyrie. Understandable seeing as he’s been embezzling club money.

Embezzlement, tough topic. You know what’s even more tough? Whatever the ‘behind closed doors’ business the Headmaster threatens to expose at the Butler Café! What?! Drugs? Prostitution? What is going behind the closed doors of these bobbleheads butler café, and why is So so confident about it? But again, its very easily passed over.

The music is the best part of this show. Each character has almost a theme music that plays when they enter the scene. Each tune is happy or ominous, matching the character.

Not sure how this is going to end, seeing as they’re been no linear plot. A lot of animes seem to have no linear plot..

Rating: A


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