Okay best animation! Geez this is such a subjective term. BEST animation, that is influenced by a lot of factors. There are a number of different animation styles out there, some more computerized than others.

I mean, when Ao no Hana came out I didn’t watch it (still haven’t cause im a procrastinator), because of the animation style. I thought it looked weird, and never gave it a chance. I wasn’t thrilled about Knights of Sidonia at first, but I watched the whole series in a night. Ajin, same deal. I was not thrilled about the overly computer generated look, because I enjoy the more 2D look and feel. I feel like there is not enough variance in the computer generated animes to convey emotions, and that’s one of my biggest criticisms of computerized animes, the facial expressions don’t come across.

Now, God Eater, is another story. I don’t know what they did to it, but its freaking fantastic. The animation style of that show, it looks computerized, but also not.. Its all outlineless, but still 2D.


So if I was to choose an animation style, it would have to be the modern 2D. Old animes have their charm, but they were not as smooth and finely detailed as more modern animes, of like 2 years ago. Now things are getting fancier, and more techy, but the animes of 2 years ago were great.

3 animes from 2 years ago that I thoroughly enjoyed their style are : Nagi no Asukara- the soft animation matched well with the story and the setting.


Haikyuu- its just all so crisp and solid. A mostly action based anime, with a lot of movement, and things haven’t melted. A++ from me.


Hoozuki no Reitatsu is my third on this list. The hell/office worker anime had solid outlines, and great color schemes. It was very 2D, and not much in the way of special effects from a computer. It did what it was supposed to do, without needing fireworks or realistic cigarette smoke.


Again, im not saying more recent advances or other styles are bad or that I don’t like them. I just prefer this type of animation. As more and more computerized animes have come out, you get used to it. When I started BRNK I was thrown off at first, but I do see the good points of that type of animation, especially the consistency in details.

Just like how reading subtitles was hard when we started down the rabbit hole, we too got used to reading them. Now its just second nature. I don’t remember if I watched Black Butler Subbed or Dubbed. I got halfway through a French movie by reading subtitles, without actively realizing it was in another language. Because I was reading the subtitles. Weird

ANYWHO! Im going to try and set up a Poll Page in the next couple days, so keep an eye out pretty pleeeease! Im looking to pick up a few series and narrow down my list! So when that’s up feel free to add input!

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