So much is explained!! Reoko, the limbs, Migiwa, I can see clearly now! Except Kaoruko. She’s still MIA. She’s connected to the American team though.


Okay to start, Migiwa is alive. She is still on Treasure Island, keeping the peace. Yes, Entei attacked Azuma and the others, but they were able to fend off Entei because Azuma was able to become Oubos brain. How did this happen? The five of them broke the outer shell of the heart, as per Koarukos instructions.


Yes- Kaoruko. She apparently has some connection to the American team and wrote them a letter explaining how to enter the Burankis head. This power opens the portal to Treasure Island, and they are able to float on out of there. Zetsubi is able to hold Enteis heart because Souyas ring has disguised Zetsubi as Reoko. This doesn’t make sense with the explanation Reoko gives about her body and Enteis Heart.


When the team ascends to Treasure Island, they enjoy 4+ days of peace and exploration before the Russians, English and Entei shows up to participate in  a Buranki hunt. They are taking advantage of the sleeping Buranki and stealing their hearts. The Russian team acquires at least 5. The destruction on the island makes it unstable and on the verge of falling directly onto Russia.


Well this is apparently the Russian Onii-samas goal. The ‘mice’ or the boys on the Russian team are against this and so is one of the twin girls. With Azuma and Shizuru, the number is 5 against 2, so the Russians pause. We don’t see them stop. Whether they do or not I guess we find out in the next episode.


Souya and Matobai, they appear on the island and start fighting one another. Matobia is on the losing end. He reveals to  Souya that his child on earth was just born, and that his rivalry with Kogane was more pure than we originally thought. He was hoping that by destroying the Bubuki, Kogane would get to live as a regular girl. And I feel like it’s a bit of a copout. He claims he lost his Bubuki powers as well. But not when.


Now, we know from Migiwa that a Bubuki will choose its new master even if they are newborn. Iwatooshi chose Hiiragi the day he was born, and therefore his father lost his ability as a Bubuki user. This was why she didn’t bring Hiiragis father to Treasure Island, dragging a powerless person into the battle. But was this why Matobia lost his powers? Mid fight he appeared to win, but there was a shattering of red glass(?) mid-attack. His Bubuki also was slashed in half, so whatever’s going on, is mixed up. It would explain why he knew his child was born now.


Reoko and Entei, are one. Reoko claims that she is Enteis heart, that her body is indestructible, because she and Entei are the last Buranki duo on earth. By past-Souyas memories, she had died twice 10 years ago. Once by melting, the other by being crushed. This would explain the flat lining scenes, as well as the childlike state. While her body regenerates, her brain takes damage. She tells Souya to keep this a secret, which is why Matobai is shocked when he sees her crying. This also could explain why she’s psychotic, driven mad by the constant regenerations and constant pain. Entei being of the element of fire, and burning out any Bubuki attached to it, also burned his user, and from seeing Zetsubi control Entei, the excruciating pain she endured for a few moments was intolerable for her.


Reoko and Entei are the only Buranki pair left, because when Migiwa ascended to Treasure Island, she did something to shut off all Buranki hearts.


So everything is pretty much explained. We understand Reokos motivation, we understand Migiwas motivation on a lot of things. Things are more concluded than I thought they would be. There is still one more episode, and then the second season. Episode 11 ends with Reoko making an appearance, and squeezing Migiwa in her hand.


With the addition of England as a country with a Buranki, and going so far as to make the leader a frail girl in a wheelchair, that’s too much character development for a no mind character. I predict the island will fall, or part of it will, or it becomes more accessible to regular people. Other countries like Russia and England and America will rely on these teams to get a military upper hand to restart their dead Burankis. I just don’t want it to become a standard Mecha anime.


I want Kaoruko to have either become a badass Team leader, or to have become a spiritual person, who speaks to Bubukis and wears a long flowy bandana. Clearly she knows a lot more about Buranki than Azuma did, and was able to get the information to Azuma through Epizo..


The rounding out of the information was a big plus. Figuring out why Reoko is the way she is a huge puzzle piece, but because we know her now, she may be done. She has been revealed. Unless she joins Migiwa and Azumas side, she’s done, development wise. She will melt as her body cannot retain its shape any longer, and that’s sad. She has been a great enemy. She is psychotic, but she was driven psychotic trying to be a hero. In a memory she gets out of bed after being revived, and finding out there are still 6 Buranki roaming. She obviously cares, but she is so angry and damaged that she’s lost her mind.


High hopes for episode 12 and season 2!


Rating: A


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Thanks for reading!