Back to the Cardcaptors! I know Kero is my favorite animal sidekick, and I wanted to shake it up, but…  Madeline is the perfect supporting female!


She makes costumes, travels around at night, records and edits videos, believes you unconditionally? Can she be my bff? Id love daily cosplays and as long as she got my good side, id be fine being videotaped.


Haha probably not in all seriousness. Id have to be a *gasp* main character and that’s just scary.


But in all seriousness, Madeline is a fantastic supporting character, regardless of gender. She’s a great friend, and she really did make it possible for Sakura to capture the Clow cards. Some of those costumes downright saved her life!!


I feel like she didn’t need more screen time though. Its not a case of ‘should have had a spin off’ because as a main character, she would not have done well. As a person she was simple. She didn’t have a dark tragic backstory so things were fine as is, which is great!


Apparently I hear there was going to be a new Cardcaptors series… unconfirmed but extremely hopeful. Just I really hope its not like the second Cardcaptors movie. That was infuriating.


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