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Bubuki Buranki concludes with a narrator type ending, giving an overlook at everyone, but leaving a couple out. There were slow pans and silent scenes of the end result, but after the impact there were no comments from any of the characters. We do however, meet Kaoruko.



The past between Migiwa and Reoko is revealed, and a lot of these conflicts are Migiwas fault. She seemed to be the quiet planning type, but didn’t share her plans. After understanding what Enteis connection to immortality was, she took the opportunity of 24 years ago to destroy the limbs of Entei and crush the heart, forcing it to merge with Reoko.


The Migiwa we see in these flashbacks are very different from the Migiwa we saw as a mother. Migiwa was the one who forced/requested her limbs to sever their contract so that they did not have to be in the Buranki when she attacked. So it was not strange when Reoko did it as I thought.


Reoko did not go crazy until the government ordered the mass execution of all Bubuki users.  She was a normal highschool girl, and at age 16 was told she only had 3 more years to live. She was already the inherited holder of Enteis heart so by fusing her to Enteis heart, Migiwa gave Reoko eternal life, or cursed her with eternal life.


Reoko wanted to expose Buranki to the public, because they were being used behind the scenes. Migiwa did not agree and thus the fight of 24 years ago broke out. 8 years later, Reoko has not aged, and has been held in a cage. Migiwa says she’s leaving earth to stay on the Buranki nest while she can still control Oubo, which infuriates Reoko.


The evolution of Reoko is by far the subplot of this series and is more interesting than the real plot. There is this shining girl, burdened with looming death, until her friend forces immortality on her, causes her excruciating pain, locks her up for 8 years then abandons her. Upon being released, the world is now kept at peace by the threat of Buranki use, an eternal cold war. Her friend then takes out that security system for no reason, leaving nobody citizens with more power than government officials. So before these new power users can grow up, the government has them slaughtered. Children, en masse.  This girl, despite having received a warm welcome from her Limbs, and jealousy from Zetsubi, is thrown into hell. She slaughters the government officials who are causing so much pain and destruction and takes over for herself.


I feel like the quote ‘die as a hero or live long enough to become the villain’ is appropriate in this situation, except Reoko didn’t have a choice in the matter. No wonder she went nuts, and hated Migiwa.


I enjoy a good display of a character rapidly evolving or devolving. Seeing the absolute destruction of a character is fascinating. Its not enjoyable from a ‘yes, fall into despair, mwahaha!’ perspective, but seeing all of the levels they hit on the way down and the different thoughts and reactions is something I enjoy watching. It adds so much depth to a character. And in this case, Reoko was fairly 1 dimensional prior to episode 10. She was just a psychotic killer that Migiwa tried to stop.


And the ages of these kids! Souya is 35 now, so he was 11 when Migiwa burned the limbs, 19 when Reoko would be released. It explains why Matobai calls him Little Sou, Matobai had grey hair by the time Reoko was released. But Souya and Kinoa… 35 and a 16 year old.. And from the uniform Kinoa looked like she was in middle school, so 13/14, *shiver* well okies then.


Kinoa and Hiiragi on the other hand! Hiiragi was asking some.. Questions about the relationship with Souya, budding romance? Cuuute!


So is Reoko the villain? Just because she’s crazy, is she the villain? She’s risked multiples of her life to stop the Buranki from 10 years ago, she put a stop to the Bubuki Hunts, sure she went after Azuma, because he was the son of her enemy! Yes its misplaced hatred, he personally didn’t do anything to her, but she has done everything she could to protect Bubuki users, and even Hiiragi had said Migiwa was the cause of the hatred against Bubuki users. Reokos goal seems to be to kill all Buranki, and then herself, along with Entei. So she has a goal and an end game.


The end game doesn’t include the Buranki nest falling though. It is included in someone’s plan, and that someone is Guy. He had a hand in the Russian team, the American team, and Reokos actions. He seems to be the Aizen of the show, or the real villain. So, what’s he doing with Kaoruko?


Yes, Kaoruko is with Mastermind Monsieur Guy. Why? No idea. From the ending sequence I think Koarukos going to be the main character of season 2? At least that’s what ‘its my story now!’ seemed to say.


As for Migiwa, she’s run away again. Reoko knocked her off the island, and we haven’t seen her since. But we know she can fly. She somehow retained her powers even after passing them onto her children.


SO! Great episode. Majority of it was backstory, but seeing the downfall is much better than having someone speak about it.. Or wrote about.. It… >.>


I feel like I haven’t spoken about the animation for  while, because as a computerized animation its all consistent. The island wasn’t watercolors and paintings again like they were in episode 1.  with the destruction of the island underway, flames and explosions, the island is generated like the rest of the landscape.


Also, in character design, seeing Migiwas limbs as teenagers, because we don’t see them as adults, having the eye color as the Bubuki was a nice touch. Hiiragis father has a green/blue tint that resembled Iwatooshi.


Its always hard to judge hair physics as well. No one has THAT much hair on their head, so determining if its overly bouncy or not feels fruitless.


The episode was stunning. I enjoyed it so much. It cleared up enough while fraying a few new strands to entice us into season 2. Granted when it came out it didn’t announce a second season, so as a viewer of the original run id have been frustrated!!


The series overall was slow to start, but really ramped up at the end. Again, Reokos subplot was more exciting than the main plot I feel, because it was very cliché. The most obscured aspect was whether Migiwa would be alive or not.


Episode Rating: A+

Series Rating: B+

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Thanks for reading this series, and ill see you all again for more BRNK October 2nd!