As the series winds down, we are only seeing evidence of an Otome game in post-credit scenes. Also, there were some audio issues these episodes, from white noise creeping in, to the music being just too loud.

Story wise, there’s a bit of a jump, where Axel is referring to something, that we haven’t seen. We are given a half second glimpse into the past, but it didn’t really provide an explanation as to what Axel was caught with. And it doesn’t help that mid conversation a new character arises, calling them out for being suspicious. Now a bit of the 4th wall was broken, as they claim that this character wasn’t implemented earlier for budgeting reasons. And I can understand why. She moved around, a lot, getting up and close to the camera. Each of her movements used a sound effect as well.

The 11th episode was almost a throwaway episode. There was a little bit of a lookback to episode 1, but other than that Scarlet was telling Caramia about Kyrie embezzling money. It felt more like a last episode, because it was calming, and the sunset and everything was like waving goodbye to the viewer. But alas, one more episode. How are they going to wrap it up? Kyrie is at the gate, so maybe there will be a world of departure from him.

Rating: B

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