Arg! Im late again!!! Im all interested in the new series out today I missed my usual challenge post time! And thanks to WordPress algorithm its gunna say I posted it tomorrow cause its after 8pm. Okies *sigh* messing with my color coordinated posting indicators and everything.


DAY 18!?!? When did it get this far in?? Geez it was just yesterday I felt like I would be stepping on toes or stealing peoples ideas. I mean aren’t people supposed to be tagged? Or is that just YouTube? People with friends? I wasnt even tagged in the ice bucket challenge…


Well, speaking of friends, whose the best supporting male character. And I think male was supposed to be yesterdays and females today… I dunno. Im rolling with it.


I struggled! Because what makes someone a supporting character and not just a low key main character.. Do I go off of MAL character lists? I dunno. I found one ho I really like though. He’s not exactly human, so the Male part is a bit iffy. But knowing Japan and anime in general, if it was female, the voice would be higher and some form of boobage would be happening.


Now this character is a literal life support system. I think he literally served as a toilet, unless humans evolved past needing toilets… We see our character waking up, battling, and using this character as a translation guide.


My favorite supporting character is..



Chamber! From Suisei no Gargantia.


If you have not seen this… who boy. It’s a doozy.


Ledo is part of a space colony that is always battling the Hideauze. A worm hole appears and drags him to earth, which is now all covered in water and people lie on fleets.


The big twist.. Killed me. Not gunna say more, but… watch it.


Chamber acts as a translator, and is a great contributor to the fleet community, considering Ledo is useless. His military training has not prepared him for life on a casual fleet. If someone rewrote it to make Chamber the main Character, and Ledo the annoying and useless sidekick, it would probably still make sense.


Well, that’s my post. Hopefully tomorrows is on time, Epic Scene, oh geez! What even counts as an epic scene??


*sigh* Well, read my other, on time posts HERE, and checkout the thrilling conclusion of Bubuki Buranki HERE! Review of Season 2 Episode 1 up tomorrow!!


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