One of my pet peeves of smaller series, is that sometimes when there is no plot, there is no real conclusion. I enjoy that feeling right after a series, everything is neatly wrapped up and you can lay back and take in the majesty that was that completed series. With plotless small series there is no feeling of conclusion. There is no feeling at the end because most often there is no end. It may end on a holiday, Christmas Eve with at least a year end feel, but alas, not this series.


The characters attend a new years shrine and then it skips to valentines day. Nakamuras receives a love letter, which Ryo promptly declares a Trap, as in the girl is secretly a boy. While that would be funny, unfortunately its not true.


Not much in the way of ‘Fudanshi/fujoshi’ happens in these episodes, its more just otaku in general, with  Nishihara admitting to sending her favorite character valentines chocolate, even if it’ll be the mangaka that eats the chocolate.


Rating: C


Tomorrow will be the last review of this series, episode 12 + overall. Finishing out the two mini series of the season  in two days, sure feels good!


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