Okay so no conclusion really. Whatever happened with Grimm Academy.. No idea. Whatever happened with Bercy, or the president, or the shady butlers? It was very.. Not concluded. Granted it’s a very short series, and there was at least one conclusion, kinda. Kyrie gives his past story a go, telling about how he woke up as a scarecrow and cried when he saw the sunset.

Axel, the Tin Man character, apparently is Kyrie’s biggest pursuer. Kyrie is flighty, so Axel is who chases him down. But Kyrie calls him brainless, despite it being the Scarecrows role as brainless. In past episodes Axel showed exceptional courage, despite the Lion not having and courage.

That mixed with in all of the other characters. Why did they have cat ears? Why not monkeys or Dogs? There were no cats in the Wizard of OZ. It’s a bit frustrating to see one premise mixed in with a whole lot of garble. The lack of linear plotline isn’t even the issue. Trying to impose a plotline on a no-mind short anime makes my brain hurt.

The Otome part may be solved by having the cut scenes at the end of a moment from the game, perhaps a characters route complete scene or something. They were always more detailed and solid.

The characters altering between being Chibi and not was okay. They were cute either way, and it didn’t alter the story too much to change forms.

The multiple unnecessary characters drove me a bit nuts. Sow like Saiki are better in terms of character dispersion, because you get used to the new characters because you see them more often. And yes, Saiki has an upwards of 60 episodes by now, but reusing the characters in new situations and not introducing new characters every single episode is a positive.

At the end of the episodes there seemed to be the creator drawing a compilation of some characters. I assumed it was all of the important characters, because some made it to the page a others didn’t. But noting really came rom that page, and nothing really came from any of the ‘new’ characters. Granted none f the characters we saw were really fleshed out. Still not 100% on Scarlets gender. I have been calling him He for these reviews, because he appears to be in a male uniform. But Scarlet could be a female character. Female characters have on occasion worn male students uniforms, and scarlet is a bit of a feminine name.

So if your looking for a smart, well thought out, psychological anime… your in the wrong place. If you want so see cute chibis occasionally battle, then you’re in the right place. Would I recommend this series, probably not. Its not leaving any kind of lasting impression or drive to play the game. In all likely it was probably a cheap advertisement for the game in Japan. But here… not really feeling it.

Episode Rating: B

Series Rating: B-

Another series complete! That makes 2~ Well with the new season starting up, im going to look into a more scheduled posting system. Ill choose 5 to cover episode by episode, and a few to cover every 2 episodes. This gives me room to finish up some of the series ie left behind, like Haifuri, and Kabaneri, as well as pick up some new series!

Thanks for reading!



Before posting this I decided to check out the first chapter of the manga, to get a context feel of the setting. It makes so much sense now!

The school setting is new, it is literally a town, with a number of mafia families that have set turf. Oz and Grimm are two of the mafia families. Pachet belongs to one family, along with other cat eared characters, like Bercy. So all of the random characters we met in this series were heads or higher ups of Mafia families.

Scarlet, our anime protagonist, is also in the manga. He belongs to the Grimm Family, and is very sullen and quiet. The main character in the manga is an amnesiac girl named Fuka.

It makes more sense now!

Anywho, Sidenote over 🙂 thanks for reading!