So an epic scene… Well the best fight scene post is coming up, so by epic… is it an impactful scene? Action animes have a lot of scenes where your smiling and fist pump the air while other public transistors look at you like your on mushrooms… >.> no? Just me? Well this is awkward.


Disclaimer: don’t do mushrooms on a public bus


If I was to pick an action scene, no doubt it would be from Haikyuu, or even a scene as recent as Sousei no Onmyouji  ep 1, where he activates his arm and its all ‘he’s doing the thing!!’


But other epic scenes have been emotional. They have had an epic impact. That’s at least how im interpreting this. Epic as in causing an intense reaction. And I’ve sobbed in MULTIPLE animes. Tokyo Ghoul, I was full blown losing it, the slow walk with Hideyoshi in his arms!  What the hell was that ! After 24 episodes of trying to find you he dies right there!! Stab me in the heart!!


An emotional scene that I absolutely loved, was the final meeting between Mashiro and Azuki at the and of Bakuman. After the episode airs, and Mashiro heads to her house, missing the live broadcast of his first animated episode… and he is right at her door. After 175 manga chapters, after 74 episodes! It finally happened! They were finally going to SPEAK to one another, after being engaged for like 10 years!!


It was just such a relief and such a buildup, that that long term goal finally being reached… the occasion was momentous, it was… it was epic! And just thinking about how much these characters went through to achieve that goal, just adds to the whole epic-callity of the scene.


I enjoyed the entire series, I finished the manga in its entirety before even starting the anime. I wanted to know the whole story, and in both the manga and the anime it was perfect.


So yea, im a sap, always down for a good romance story. It was an unconventional romance story, which made it even better.


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