So we go from absolutely NO Kaoruko, to her being a literal ringleader and seeing nearly none of Azuma? Well at least we have a reason for his absence this time. We even get some backstory on where Kaorukos’s been!



Okay so update on the setting: The island fell, its at the bottom of the ocean. No word on Migiwas location, or whether or not the Burankis on the island survived or are still active and now will emerge from the depth of the ocean.


What we do know is that it is 2 weeks later, and Azuma and the Limbs are looking for Oubo. He fell into Taiwan after Treasure Island fell. Its taken them so long to get to Taiwan, partially because of Azuma. In order for a Heart user of a Buranki to leave the country, there’s a ton of paperwork to fill out. So like true friends, the 4 limbs… abandoned him at the airport and went to Taiwan first.


Jokes on them, a Buranki attack at the airport keeps Azuma in the air for a lot longer. Also, he’s afraid of heights, despite growing up X000 meters in the air.


The search for Oubo ends when Kaoruko and friends show up to battle, in a Black Oubo. The Heart is one that was retrieved from Treasure Island during the Buranki Hunt, and the Limbs are on loan from Ryuuki, the Heart user who possibly Killed Souya.


Kaoruko herself is extremely entertaining. She maintains her attitude we saw 12 episodes ago. She’s rambunctious, courageous and outgoing. She perfectly fits her Ringleader outfit she’s got on. Her fighting style is very much.. Childish? Or Eccentric. Eccentric is a better way of phrasing it. Much like how Shizuru (WHAT is with her and GRASS?) is a genius fighter, Kaoruko seems to have a similar tendencies. It was like a dance, with some eyeball poking action.


Kaoruko seems to care very deeply for the citizens of the Taiwanese city, speaking their language(we see Azuma speak a bit of English), and claiming that she wouldn’t let anyone in the city die. Bold statement, but she’s a bold girl.


Its explained that she was attending a school, what I can only assume is the school Guy set up, to train Bubuki users, in order to use them to destroy all evil, especially Buranki. But then why would he help other nationalities teams restart their Burankis? Obviously his evil subplot..


But her father left her to go find something. We don’t know where Azuma was at this point. She seems to hate speaking is name, childishly spitting and claiming her mouth is rotting just saying his name. So whatever happened between them.. We know Azuma spent a time in Japan, before leaving. Kogane was friends with Azuma before he left.. That 10 year period is still shrouded in mystery, and I don’t understand why.. Unless its an integral part of the plot, why cant we know where they were! And when was Azuma and Koganes friendship time!


Okay so now other counties have been revealed. We didn’t see the Russian team, probably because of the mutiny, but we saw the English girl in the wheelchair. She is the heart of a Buranki, which is a flying type. Whether this means it doesn’t have limbs as well is unknown, or maybe its flying because she as a heart does not have feelings in her legs so it cant connect? Im not 100% sure on how Burankis interact with every type of disability. Clearly it syncs with a certain degree of psychopathy.


Speaking of, no sign of Reoko. Last we saw she was on a slab, but she cant die unless Enteis destroyed. But im not mad about not seeing some characters. We got to see Kaoruko, which for 11 episodes I was ranting about. Sorry. I am concerned for Reokos Limbs though. Yes they were assholes to Azuma and Co, but at the end they were fighting for humanity and it turns out they aren’t just assholes, they were just not on ‘our’ side. The whole ‘pretending to be Horino’ is still disturbing Zetsubi..


Hiiragi is slowly becoming my favorite character. He goes through a very tough dilemma, determining if big boobs are better. Lakshmi, of Koarukos team is /very/ mature, compared to Kinoa, who he may have a crush on. But Lakshmi has bigger knockers. The eternal dilemma. Seeing him go through such a basic dilemma in this serious situation is pretty funny. I just hope he doesn’t become a boob man, and lose all of his character development up to this point.


As for animation, it is still the same computerized look. Koarukos hair is bouncy as you would expect.


We don’t see much in the way of diverse backgrounds. In an overlooking view of the city, it appears to be unique, as in no cookie cutter block houses. Cars that we see are computerized, and when shown England, the landscape is covered in plant growth, but still computerized.


The facial expressions have gotten a bit better, which is good because Kaoruko is VERY expressive. The borrowed limbs are also terrified of their Heart, who believes their sole purpose in life is to serve him, so that terrified look is important to nail down. When Ryuuki threatens Lakshmi, Hiiragi is quick to step in, threatening to kill Ryuuki on the basis that both he and Lakisha are left Feet. Uhu dude, its cause of feet, not boobs that you like her.. Actually it very well could be. Hiiragi has had a consistent bond with other Left foot limbs in the first season.


Between the two seasons, I think the transition is a good one. It doesn’t time skip an absurd amount of time, and starting off with bit of comedy is a nice icebreaker back into the characters. I really want the siblings to meet, so that we can figure out what happens with Oubo, and maybe we can figure out the mystery of those 10 years!


Nothing really surprised me in the show, it was very much an ‘episode 13’ as its been titled, and not an Episode 1. it’s a continuation, not so much  a premiere. It does however, end the episode on a fight, which I don’t like!. Its the beginning of the fight, but stiiiill!!


Rating: B+


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This will most likely be an episode-by-episode review every Sunday, as the episode comes out on Saturday! So check back in EXACTLY 168 hours for episode 2~


Thanks for reading!!