Last episode and not a conclusion in sight.


Ryo, despite being a fan of BL, is adverse to and BL in RL. 


When he is offered a job working conventions by Daigo, he accepts because he needs money for a future convention. Well you get two attractive men selling BL, and girls are gunna giggle, because of course.. They must be gay right? Well Ryo is grossed out and offended. Its kind of infuriating. You enjoy this.. Poor portrayal of real people, but confronted with those people you get grossed out?


Not a fan of that at all. Like at all. Its like, if I loved looking at photos of pizza, I was a pizza photographer, but the idea of anyone even thinking for a second that I EVER  ate a single slice, repulsed me.. Its stupid! If I was a diehard fan of the Yuri genre, and spoke about it in public, sold Yuri merch, gushed over pairings and series, causing people to think that I am attracted to fxf pairings in RL and in manga’s, then I would understand how they came to that conclusion. If someone asked, I would politely correct them, but I wouldn’t be grossed out. ‘pfft, how dare they assume that just because I like reading about girls doing it, that id ever even consider it’ is just.. Ill say it again.. Stupid.


It’s a really bad episode to end on. It totally overshadows the origin story offered later. How they became fans of BL. Nishihara is the product of a mother and sister Fujoshi, or a ‘purebred’ as Ryo called her. Ryo stumbled upon it after looking for side stories. Great explanations, funny topic, but its overshadowed by the heaping disgust for Ryo at the moment. Sure, it’s a character flaw, but it’s a bad flaw. Like a really bad flaw. Like a ‘don’t ever mention that, ever’ flaw.


That coupled with the overall low quality fuzzy outlines, and lack of details in any face that isn’t an extreme close-up, and this series closes on a low note. It had promise, but midway it started to get tiresome.


Episode Rating: F

Overall Rating: C


Yea, kinda mad at this guy now, not about that hypocritical ‘dance monkey dance for my pleasure’ attitude.


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Thanks for reading, hopefully the next one is better.