Oh this is easy. Very very very easy. This character drove me nuts, and not just as a character, but as a plot device.


Yes, in general the whiney female character type drives me up the wall, and I like strong female characters, more out of despising token whiney females, but OH MY GOD do I want to delete this girl from existence. This character wasted 3 hours of my life, replaying the same stupid episode, EIGHT TIMES. Eight. 2,4,6,8! Not once, not twice, EIGHT. Not even a slight variance in the episodes. Surely there would be small differing details? NOPE! NONE whatsoever!


And this phenomena ran, in the anime universe, 15,532 times. Fifteen thousand, five hundred thirty two times.


One of the directors of the show, APOLOGIZED for these episodes.


But these episodes are not the only reason I despise this character. She’s rude, loud, pushy, insensitive, entitled, and yes, my opinion is biased because she and her abilities are the cause of so much pain, on my part.


I do not like the character, Haruhi Suzumiya.

Day 20.jpg

I don’t want to talk about her anymore.. Screw the comedy, im just mad at her. Get your abilities in check. Stop being a bully. Santa’s not real.






UUUUGH This made me frustrated. Having to go find that specific number and delving back into the endless 8 put me in a bad mood. Click HERE. Or HERE. See you tomorrow. Bye