I really enjoyed this episode, and I was a bit unsure to begin with. It explains the setting enough to understand what is going on, but without giving too much information. It was delivered quite fast as well, in a news report. So that left a majority of the episode to the plot. There is no new character to use as an intermediary to getting information to the audience. In fact we seem to arrive in the middle of a heist, a  bank heist.


So the language is Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin I am not sure. So that threw me off at first. The title, Bloodivores seems to indicate a certain diet, consisting of blood. So Vampires? Not in the traditional sense. Vampires created by accident, when a medication mutated. We are a witness to an ‘attack’. A man with glowing red eyes and fangs attacked a woman, and seemed to drink her blood. He had on a necklace, or choker that was glowing red. These are known as D-GPS, which I think activate when a Bloodivore feels bloodlust? The necklaces aren’t explained well, just that they are able to track them. After a Bloodivore is caught, from what we saw of the attack, the punishments begin. Even a hostage of the bank heist tries to curry favor with his Bloodivore captor by apologizing for the discrimination they face. He also insinuates that they may be robbing the bank for money to buy blood. One of the characters appears to be poor as well, franticly worried about the money.


After one of the D-GPS necklaces activates on the only girl of the group, out Leader, Mi Liu, takes her and gives the police a good chase before they are caught. Interrogations ensue, and they confess to the robbery. Mi Liu explains why he wont go to jail for the robbery, seeing as he’s a minor, but its revealed that the hostages of that bank were all killed. All 15 of them. There is genuine shock in the cocky Mi Lius eyes, so I believe he did not know about this particular development.


Long story short, the four of them are sentenced to death, and gunned down in a prison truck by BTS. Mi Lius father is also the head of BTS. Mi Liu himself is known as the ‘child of peace’ half human half Bloodivore. Child of peace is funny, because he has a rap sheet longer than his arm and he’s only 16.


Now the characters being gunned down in the car would have a much bigger impact, if right after the  ‘next episode’ sequence didn’t show them alive and well.


Now the plot at the moment is kind of up in the air. They will be in a  new setting, so its hard to say what the plot is. Yes there are Bloodivores, and that is interesting. And clearly the government is tracking them, and hiding them by faking deaths. What they plan to do with them is unknown.


What is known, is some animation irks. The necklaces, are very very flat. There’s no depth. Its as if they are flat strips laid into their skin. This very well may be the case, they may be implanted in the skin as to not be removed. But at this point it just.. Doesn’t look good to have them not have any depth.


The facial expressions, especially the fear and surprise was damn good. That cocky attitude was shut down the second the guy grabbed him. The angry face could use some work, but the scared face, tight pupils, spot on!


What’s always fascinated me about animes, is that they have televisions outside. Like big giant TVs , and What is being said on the TV is heard clearly. Over public noise, over cars, over the echo that comes from the sound bouncing off buildings. I cant even understand Walmart speakers when they use the PA System.


So yea, I like the series so far. The Chinese language will take some time to get used to, because I have absolutely no experience with any Chinese languages. Whereas  with Japanese, I’ve heard enough to be able to slightly follow along without needing subtitles. Im not against the Chinese language being used though. Its apparently a Chinese Manhwa, so by all means, use the country of origin to tell the story. As a mangaka, or …manhwaka… you’ve earned that right.


The mystery of who killed the hostages, is a no brainer. It was the government, or BTS. They framed the 4 teens in order to have them where they wanted them. Duh, basic government conspiracy theory. The relationship between the characters has not been explored yet. They seem to come from different economic backgrounds. Mi Liu is the child of peace, and his relationship with his father is pretty non existent. His father even goes as far as to burn  his son before disowning him as his son. His mother is currently MIA, but is most likely the Bloodivore in the relationship.


How Mi Tenju and Mi Luis mother got together is a mystery. Its always weird to think about those strict parents who disown their child… doing it with another person. Like.. If they have that attitude their entire life, was it an arranged marriage? Child out of necessity? Its hard to see them showing any type of affection or ability to care for another person..


So lets see what kind of facility the  4 teens find themselves in, because it seems to be ramping up for a child soldier type of plot, and with a cocky brat like Mi Liu, lets see how much he gets his ass handed to him.


Rating: A


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Thanks for reading!