Planetarian takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a city, some 30 years after it was evacuated. The main character is seen to be a robot, who has a comperable AI, but doesn’t understand what has happened.

Hoshino Yumeni is the robots name, and we follow her waking up and seeing everyone happy. Flip to the same people sobbing, and saying they were going to be gone for a while. Why they had to leave her there, I don’t know, but they did.

Jump 30 years later, and people are returning to the city and scavenging for food and supplies.

Hoshinos purpose has been hidden from us until now, but when the Junker shows up in a mall, and there is electricity, he explores more until he reaches.. A planetarium. Hoshino is the hostess in the planetarium.


Her behaviour is weird from the Junkers point of view. She’s friendly, and she talks too long and over explains everything. She has stated that she needs repair, and her AI needs upgrading when it comes to conversation timing. Nevertheless the convinces this rough man to view the planetarium show. The machine doesn’t work, and she is genuinely embarrassed, or is displaying the programed response to look embarrassed.


Even as he’s leaving, she offers him coupons for the mall to shop at while he waits for the technicians to fix the machine. Technicians that will never come.

The man scoffs and leaves, but he slowly returns when she continues to wave to him.

This episode would have made a great little OVA. It kind of completes itself, if the goal was this man finding a friend. This rugged guy and this girly robot.. Its an odd pairing, and its cute. Shes definitely not sentient, or aware really, but she has this programming that responds to social norms. She announces that hes the 2,500,000th visitor even though he isnt. She creates a bouquet of machine parts when the Flower Shop downstairs was closed.

Sometimes we get to see the world through her eyes, and its like looking into a videogame. The user interface within her vision picks up temperature, as well as focussing on the person speaking. It has a rounded edge, and its pretty.


So as for a second episode, im not sure how well the theme would carry. She is not sentient, unless she is altered then I doubt she can even become a battle robot. She is very fitting in the scenario shes in right now. So as for moving forwards, I have no idea what is going to happen. But I liked the first episode on feels and setting.

Rating: B+

Post-apocalyptic scenarios are always pretty cool cause you have no idea what to expect. Or who is going to emerge in scenarios like that. In this case it was a Junker. Whether there are more in the area, who knows. We see a few but that doesn’t mean that was a present scene. The shows name is related to the actual planetarium so how the host robot Hoshino relates into the Junkers, will be interesting. Whats your favorite post-apocalyptic anime?

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