Okay so after months of seeing this, I’ve finally broached it.

So far the yaoi moment counters at 1. face cupping.

So the story is, a hereditary medium is unhappy with his life, and gets hit by a truck. Upon death a man asks him to become his Soul image. What that even is is explained poorly.

The character, Yang Jinhua eludes to being 30, but later a newscast says he was 23. He walked in on a man battling what looked like a vampire. This man is now the man whose asking him to be the soul image.

The animation in the scenes varies. When he’s alive, Jing is poorly detailed, the animation is almost like the parody Canadian characters on South park. Once the second man was introduced, the quality went up, with actual detailing in the hair and such.

Story wise, it reminds me of Zombie Loan. Past Chinese animes have had a lot of new lore, and Soul Image specifically is something I haven’t seen in any Japanese animes I’ve watched. So Im looking forwards to more info on the lore behind that.

But, my real reasoning for watching the series will be to do a yaoi counter. I want to know just how much this show suggests. Ugh, its so out of my way (she lies).

So story wise, its new, animation wise, a bit weak, the quality dips but when Jing is floating/flying it looks ‘realistic’ and not like he’s just being moved across the screen. The music is very Shoujo. The face-clasping had full-blown confession music. It just need a ‘s-Senpai’ stutter in the back and it was standard. Jing seems like a Tsundere, while the other guy is fairly serious.

Rating: B

So make sure you checkout the episode 2-3 when I set them out, until then, click HERE to tide you over and have a great thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading!