Is this a weapon or a body part? I think its both.
Allen Walker. Ive spoken about him before. White hair, possessed, cute as hell. Hes also the user of Clown Crown, or Crown Crown or Crown Clown. They literally use the same kana, so thats all fine and dandy.

Crown Clown is the evolved form of Allens Innocnece. Its a full body weapon, and left arm becomes the sword that can only cut evil. That means when he slices a possessed person it only cuts the akuma or noah. It backfires on him when he presumes the noah is evil, and then stabs himself. If hes part noah.. Then hes hurt as well. Not physically, but… Idk where it cut actually. It just causes severe pain.

The mask, the cape, the whole ensemble is fantastic and its my favorite weapon. Also, im not sure when its revealed, but.. Just look up what the millenium earls weapon looks like…

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