Okay an attack I like the most.. Oh geez lets see if I can remember the names… so many are over the top or are meh… and nearly all would require the use of magic right? I mean a sword attack.. Wouldn’t  that be categorized as fave weapon.


So im gunna pull from Fairy Tail, an anime I haven’t touched in this challenge yet. I haven’t finished it, but im doing well in the manga. Jellal(or as some subs say Gerard lol).. Sigh.

Day 23.png

My favorite attack has got to be Natsus Fire Dragon Roar. Yes its his standard attack, but its consistent and it has great visuals. I think Gajeels Iron Dragon magic is cool too, but I like the umph Natsu puts behind it.


Sorry for being so shirt, gotta work -sigh-


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