Cute art style, historical figure we all know by now, and a smartass little girl. Pretty good for a short episode. Not to mention the shit-talking and threats of a toilet-death.

This short episode was pretty fun to watch. Its about a girl, Chidori, who is a ninja from the Ida clan. She and Sukezo have been hired by Nobunaga because the Koga and Owari ninjas are useless. Just blatantly useless.

Chidori and Nobunaga ran into each other it the past where he saved her from drowning, and both of them remember that encounter.

Chidori may come across as airheaded, but her ninja skills have been highly praised, and she may have some brains. When Nobunaga said that they must die protecting him, she quickly corrected him. Ninja don’t die. Their job is to live no matter what. Its samurai who die for their masters. She knows where she stands. She’s still pretty airheaded though.

As for animation, the characters are heavily outlined, but cleanly colored. They move smoothly, and not in an unrealistic fashion. Nobunaga doesn’t move his mouth when speaking at all, except to smile.

As to what separates it from every other Nobunaga anime… ever… im not too sure at this point. The protagonist seems to be Chidori and not Nobunaga, but he may be a main character at some point. Or he dies. There already in Owari at this point. I forget in what battle he dies, but Owari was a location in the history. The more you know!

So I don’t like it, I don’t dislike it. It did not stand out to me in any aspect, but it wasn’t terrible. Id like to continue to watch it. Chidori reminds me of Akatuski from Log Horizon.

Rating: B

Small animes are hard to judge. They fit so much into small episodes and most end up with no plot. I would like to buy a plot please? Well NobuShin seems to have at least a premise of a plot. *fingers crossed*

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