FIRST OFF. Logic. If you haven’t lived in this town for 7 years, then your 2nd grade sister cannot be familiar with your childhood friend. Just wanted to get that off my chest.


This anime depresses me.


The story, is this guy moves back to the school and deals with BL-type scenarios? As if we need ANOTHER series mocking the genre.


First off, was this made in MS Paint? Half of the scenes had no movement, and the ones that had movements were refreshed 1 time every 3 seconds.


Character design, the MC has no eyes, the first character we see has a chin the shape of Florida, and is hiding and emerging  like a floating ice cap.


And I don’t see this anime being one that I actively follow. I may post about it sporadically, maybe a 6 episode/12 ep thing, but I don’t really.. Want to. It mocks the genre, and I don’t see its comedic value. Im sure some people like it, but I don’t. I feel like its making fun of the Yaoi stereotypes. And yes, make fun of a genre all you like. Im Canadian, im used to jokes about things. I just go get my feelings checked for free. But if your going to mock something, do it well, or you come across as a bully. Fudanshi Koukou at least had eyeballs on their characters as they mocked a fandom.


Well that’s my rant.


Rating: F


And no im not a mega-lib who cant take a joke. Comedy is comedy, and the presentation is everything. You’d rather watch Russel Peters make fun of you than some jackass in the basement, because Russel Peters will have a better delivery.


Im gunna stop.


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