Oh my geez what even is this?? It has the composition of an emo teens art project… like mine from grade 10.

Now I recently ranted about not liking gag anime, but this one.. Its not so much gag.. As grammar based humor mixed with death humor. Its not so much pranks or ridiculous jokes, but when a suicidal characters name has 23 strokes (apparently that’s a bad thing) and when he spells his name horizontally it literally spells despair, im laughing! Like a ‘ oh noooooe’ kind of laugh.

It has a very xxxHolic character design, with the paler skin, sharp black angular hair and the style of the eyes. If xxxHolic met Steven Universe.

The actual composition of the show… was odd. It was very much like an art project. There were scenes with different colors, or inverted colors, and the textures of the clothing doesn’t move, so when a character moved, their clothing was a kaleidoscope of the texture.

The overall theme seems to be death and despair. And Money. The female protagonist, Fuuka kept trying to rename the male main character. She offered him 50 Yen to name him Pink Supervisor, because he was trying to hang himself, or *make himself taller* from a cherry blossom tree. Her father and mother also *wanted to be taller* oh geeeez.

So money and death and despair. And comedy. I was not expecting this! I thought it would be more along the lines of Hoozuki. Not… laugh at my pain and give me money.

This guy, Zetsubi-sensei(literally Despair-sensei) is preaching despair to his students. He has them write their goals and then tells them why its hopeless.

It takes Fuuka to give a half-ass speech about everything’s a possibility. That’s literally all she says, about every option. On Repeat.

Along with Zetsubi-sensei’s name, there’s a lot more grammar based comedy that I don’t quite understand, but I understand it. kinda. Like, from the conversation and what I know about Japanese syntax, I understand why that joke would work. But without the subtitles I wouldn’t notice a damn thing. I don’t mind the grammar comedy as long as the translator does a good job of explaining it. In this case it was well explained. The error was in the syntax, the placement of words in a sentence. I don’t know what Fuuka was saying, but the other character corrected her enough that I knew what the right form was.

The animation and music, -sigh- changed so much so often. The music had a 5 second lifespan before being tossed, and another tone was brought in. The animation.. Details were not the issue. There were minimal details, but it didn’t look unfinished or undetailed. It looked simple. The animation colors changed, and inverted frequently. The markings on the chalkboards switched after every cutaway. There was so much packed into this show!

To add to the dark humor.. The producers of the show were very self depreciative at the beginning, and inserted a face of.. Someone into the face of the school clock. As well as in the bath scene. Bath scene?

Yes, there was a bath scene. This episode felt SO long! They had so much packed in, I feel emotionally drained. It cant drain my Yuri!! Buzz though.

There is so much to talk about around this show, and I feel like a lot of the themes are going to carry over so I wont go too in depth right now, its just all very overwhelming.

I liked the episode. I want to watch more. I can see a viewer feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content that is being packed in, but it’s a good show!

Rating: A

Well this show was weird, so checkout this show HERE to cry.

Thanks for reading!