Okay so not a surprise, or terribly original, but rarely have I sobbed over a character.

There are plenty of sad character deaths. Lelouch was a sad death because it was essentially suicide.

Neji was a sad death because of the main cast he was the only one to really die..

Another contender is Mayuri from Steins gate. Her repeated death on a loop was so upsetting!

But my absolute saddest death is Hide from Tokyo Ghoul. I know I mentioned this earlier,  but it literally hit me the hardest. The sad, drawn out carrying of his body, had me in teeeeears. The season wasn’t my favorite, but that  scene hit me like a machine gun, over and over.


So yes, Hide is the saddest anime character death I have experienced. Yes there are other sad anime character deaths, like Mae Hughes and Azuma-sensei, Mello and L, but I want to shed light on some not-so mainstream characters.

Checkout my other posts on this challenge HERE! Im sad this is wrapping up so soon 😦 maybe ill do a daily question afterwards. Its therapeutic for me.

Thanks for reading!